The new Chaos Space Marines codex is slowly approaching and with each passing day everyone’s favorite spikey boys are getting the much needed love they rightfully deserve.

The first one that’s interesting is Let The Galaxy Burn giving your flamers 2 extra attacks. Sounds pretty fitting for things like your Heldrakes. The Baleflamer is already 2d but in an Armor of Contempt world, maybe we’ll see 3AP instead of 2AP to really give these flamers a little more punch. Either way, it’s going to be stupid fun flying up a Heldrake and dumping bucket of shots into some space marines.

I’m going to be honest, the word Wanton still makes me laugh but if you’re going to be running around with the Mark of Slaanesh it’ll be very pleasing for you.

It looks like Chaos Space Marines are getting combat doctrines however instead of getting additional AP on their weapons CSM units will be getting exploding hits on unmodified hit rolls of 6 instead. Starting with Heavy, Rapid Fire and Grenade (lol) weapons to Rapid Fire, Assault or Pistols and then finally ending off at Assault, Pistol and Melee weapons.

Rapid fire weapons getting 2-3 turns of exploding 6’s is pretty cool, I wonder what units are going to benefit the most out of it?

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About Matt Castro

Matt, also known as MagikarpUsedFly, is a video game and 40k youtuber and streamer. Based in California, Matt has been playing 40k for over 3 years and has been making content for the game for a little over 1 year now.
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