Marching Towards the Old World – Age of Sigmar

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This will be my final article in the series examining the editions of Warhammer Fantasy and what facets could be applied to the upcoming Old World release. I know this will be controversial for several reasons: Age of Sigmar’s launch was a dumpster fire, from the rules to the lore and some people (justifiably in my opinion) still hold a grudge. Secondly, the game changed so fundamentally as to alter the very feel of the game into something totally new. By changing the game into more of a skirmish option from an army-based game in 8th it attracts a different set of players. Anyway let’s dive in.

age of myth

What to Keep:
Despite my general distaste of some parts of the AoS rule set I think they have achieved some good things. I still have some suggestions to make, but overall the rules are improving with each edition.

  • Reactions for units. I like this systems as it provides interactivity, but it isn’t as confusing as the stratagem system in 40k. You have simpler options that provide depth without having to sift through pages of information only to find the stratagem you should have used two turns ago.
  • Dedicated campaign system. While Path to Glory is still somewhat bland in my opinion it does provide a structure and a system to build off of for narrative campaigns. Something similar for the Old World would be great.
  • Smaller army sizes. While I think this gets taken too far for some armies, it is nice not to have to use 60 models minimum for each battle.
  • Age of Sigmar also benefits from one of the tightest rule sets produced by GW yet. If they can develop something similar for the Old World that would be awesome.

What to Lose:
Here is where everyone really gets mad.

  • The double turn shouldn’t be brought over. I don’t think I’ve hated a rule in any edition in any game more then this one. And yeah, some of you are already saying: “YoU jUsT nEeD tO aNtIcIpAtE iT aNd AdJuSt YoUr StRaTeGy” Sure buddy, literally every game of Age of Sigmar I have played has turned on this rule, someone gets a double turn and then mows down the opposition. It’s fine in casual games where it can help allay a beat-down but it just screws over armies who can’t take advantage of it as much (i.e. non-shooting armies). Something this random shouldn’t have such a big affect on the outcomes of so many games.
  • Restrictions on summoning units: This is a hard line to walk as summoning units is a core part of the lore for many armies, especially the undead and daemons. At the same time, it is hard to implement fairly as these powers could swing games or prove really annoying (see: raising new units of zombies in front of enemy units in 8th). While I think AoS is getting this issue under control, it is something I would like to see tamped down in the Old World.
  • The models need to tone down the wackiness from an 11 to maybe a 7 or 6. Look I think the models in both these games should be weird and creative. I do feel like the aesthetic AoS has developed wouldn’t fit as well into the Old World though. Some of the weirded Sylvaneth or Bonereaper stuff is a little odd for the Old World setting.
  • I think Age of Sigmar is too hero focused. This may just be my experience but most games I have played or watched seem to use armies that are reliant on named characters or some facet. I prefer the older WHFB system where heroes were typically rarer but still powerful. Granted the old system had a hard time balancing these as they would usually skew heavily towards the power or cost sides of the spectrum

All right you unwashed masses, flame away in the comments! Am I missing something? Is there some aspect of Age of Sigmar you want to see in the new rule set? One you really don’t want to see? Let me know below.

I honestly think Age of Sigmar is a perfectly fine game, although it isn’t always my preference (I have struggles to find games though as the players in my area are so insular as to be almost cultish). I think AoS struggles with some of the baggage of it’s release but as each edition releases it’s been able to develop a stronger ethos and feel.

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