Upcoming FLG Events for the ITC 2022 Season

We’ve got a slew of FLG Events on the way for the ITC 2022 season!

Upcoming Events:

Book Your Room, here!

Book Your Room, here!

Book Your Room, Here!

  • Lone Star Open: July 23-24th, 2022, Watters Creek Convention Center, Allen, TX
  • Cruise Hammer: August 7-14th, 2022, Leaves from Galveston, TX. We’re On a Boat!
  • Las Vegas Team Tournament: September 24-25th, 2022, Palace Station Casino, Las Vgeas, NV.
  • SoCal Open: October 21-23, 2022 (main events run Saturday and Sunday the 22-23). San Diego, CA

Mark your calendar and get ready for some fun!

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1 year ago

are SoCal and New Orleans 2022 dates?

1 year ago

Really excited for the team tournament in September! Plus side of COVID is a lot of friends jumped into the hobby and we’re all coming as a team.

Reese – any news on team restrictions codex wise? Hoping it could be a 2 use limit. Indomitus got 2 friends to hop in on Necrons and would love for them to both be able to play the army they’re learning! But I know balancing all that is a pain for top level.

Shawn Allen
10 months ago

Is there an exact July date for So Cal registration?

Ken Hudson
Ken Hudson
9 months ago

Where does one register for the SoCal Open?

9 months ago

Who should we contact about setting up an Infinity tournament at the SoCal Open? We had one there about three years back.

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