Awesome NEW GW Models To Watch Out For!

‘Tis the season and GW wants to stuff your stockings full with Battleforce’s, Box Sets and New Models. There’s a lot of them, so let’s check out what cool new model’s we’re exited for.

We’ve got a new Orruk model coming called Bawla and Burk slaying off some Skaven. He’s even stepping on one and that’s rude! Whether you play the Orruk’s or not in Age of Sigmar, this model looks like a great Diorama piece to paint up just for fun – as always the AoS team hits it out of the park with this new model.

FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL DWARF WITH GUN. FOOTBALL DWARF WITH GUN SHOOTING A FOOTBALL. This is just an awesomely hilarious model. If you’re into Blood Bowl and run Dwarf’s, get ready to make some room so you can add Barik Farblast onto your team!

Previewed earlier on the Warhammer Community page, we’ve got the Blade Champion for the Adeptus Custodes making it’s way onto the field. A new Custode? Nice, now we’ve got 13 models to choose from in the Custodes codex not counting Forgeworld models.

Rooting for the Xenos, but you also like the Imperium? Don’t worry, the Genestealer Cults are getting a new model too with the Reductus Saboteur that was previewed not too long ago on the Warhammer Community page. Absolutely love this model and makes me wonder if I want to bring the Kelemorph or the Saboteur…or both?

We’ve got another cool Blood Bowl model entering the fray with a Rat Ogre for the Skaven. A resin cast with some crisp detail. Again, even if you don’t play Blood Bowl this model is a great project to paint if you want to take a break from painting your 1,000th guardsman.

Finally we’ve got the Rotbringer Sorcerer joining the army of Nurgle in Age of Sigmar. Again without missing a beat, the AoS team pull out another great model. Get nasty with this new model and spread the sickness just like Nurgle intended.


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