GW Grognard: Unique Storage Places (Part 3?)

Hey everyone! Adam , from TFG Radio, here to once again help you store all those precious models.

Well it seems that thing are getting somewhat back on track, if you ignore the continued supply chain problems, with Games Workshop releases being churned out as before. It seems the new trend for them, in 40K at least, is to release 2 codexes at once. That is certainly a way to get back on track. They are also back to releasing a bunch of stuff for other game systems. If you’re like me you have all the game, even ones not produced by Games Workshop. Even if 40K is your only thing I am sure a lot of you have models bursting at the seams. This week I though I would help you once again by suggesting alternative storage spaces to help keep that collection in check, and maybe not let people know how bad you hobby addiction is.

Your Car

Let’s be honest, hasn’t there been times when you are at your friendly local game store and wish you had brought your army? Or needed a model that you may have left at home? What can be better than a mobile storage shed? Depending on the car you drive the size of your trunk or cargo space will determine how many models you can put in there. You can also have the army you normally play with in your car so that you can play at a moment’s notice when you visit your local store. Don’t worry about having to pay more gas for the extra weight as the price of gas is so high, depending on where you live, that you probably won’t notice the extra cost to your gas budget.

Your Sibling’s House

This is almost like having your own storage facility. Just ask your sibling if it’s okay to store some of your model collection at their place. Even if they say no, you can probably bring a box or two each time you visit and stash those models somewhere. You can also drop some models off when they go on vacation and you volunteer to house sit for them. I am sure once they find out their garage is full of your models they will be more than happy to store them for you at no cost. I mean hey could go to your parent’s and complain but just remind them about that embarrassing incident when they were younger that you haven’t told your parents about and I am pretty sure your sibling will change their tune. I know this from experience (not going to say with one I was in that scenario)

Your Second House

This seems really expensive, and hard to do, in today’s housing market but you may want to buy a second house, or maybe even rent a second place. This increases your storage size immensely. Now you can literally have a house that has nothing but your models in it. Maintenance for your new place should be minimal as you shouldn’t be living there and should only be there to look at your pile of models. It is also a good way to hide some purchases, for whatever reason, so that you can bring them home later. I know this seems a little extreme but the cost is about the same as some Games Workshop models so you may have to give up some model purchases to keep this going.

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed the article. Let me know what you think, and any storage ideas you have, in the comments section below. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitch, and Patreon pages to stay up to date on what we’re up to and when episodes drop!

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