FLG Paint Studio: Your Opponent’s Jaw Is Going To Drop With These NECRONS!

Continuing on from the last post where we showcased some awesome Imperial Knights, we move on over to the Necrons who just got a huge update with the balance slate. Let’s gawk over the paint jobs of the Silent King & Void Dragon commissioned by the FLG Paint Studio!

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The Silent King in all of it’s glory ready to dumpster your enemies in one fatal blow

Listen alright, you’ve got a huge backlog of mini’s sitting around. Even I have a pile of shame sitting in my closet that I swear I’m going to get to one day. So why not take that burden off your back and take a look at some of the paint jobs the people at the FLG Paint Studio have whipped up?

We’ve got the Silent King all prepped and ready to go with some awesome OSL lighting done on the Menhir’s. What’s even better, Necrons got a huge balance update by giving a ton of their units core making the army that much more fun to use. The blending on these shades of green are super nice plus the highlights on every crack of the Menhir’s make me blush. An awesome paintjob to match an awesome model.

The Silent King teams up with the Void Dragon to put the smack down on some unsuspecting Vehicles

Check out this combo of the Silent King paired up with the Void Dragon from another commissioned paint job!

Again, if the OSL work on the Menhir’s don’t intrigue you – the Void Dragons different gradients of Green to highlight it’s electric stylized aura will do the job. If you look closely, you’ll even find some white star accents placed onto the Menhir’s.

Both of the model’s really stick out and make for amazing center pieces to any Necron army.

For some fun, let’s check out another Void Dragon that was worked on by the studio, this time going for a more non traditional color scheme.

A non traditional Void Dragon color scheme that pops when you place it on the table

Now this is Pod Racing. I love the splash of red to highlight the white and silver scheme of the void dragon, it looks almost royal at this point. Tack on the OSL done on the rocks at the base that spills onto the snow is another great touch.

This is both a good and bad thing, because if I saw this awesome model on the table it would be the first one to go if I can pull it off just because it’s so eye catching.

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