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Well what we expected to happen has happened. Games Workshop released a balance dataslate that will hopefully help with some of the issue that seem to be plaguing the game in the competitive scene. One thing that was immediately apparent was the restriction for a number of units are now available for certain armies. This has resulted in some players having an excess number of models for their army. These players can either have these extra models sit on the shelf or maybe sell them to someone building the army or to a local second hand shop. These extra units are now part of a long line of models that at one point made an impact on the game and were then relegated to gathering dust on the shelves of many players.

Castellan Imperial Knight

During 8th edition there was a time where this model terrorized the table top. The stratagems that were available to the model made it an extremely effective unit. Combined with the Loyal 32, the minimum number of Astra Militarum models to get more command points, and some Blood Angels backup, the Castellan and the rest of the Knight army caused many a player to be dismayed when they had to go against this army. Games Workshop made a few changes that dealt a blow to the effectiveness of the army and the new way command points are generated for the army helped to curtail the effectiveness of this might Imperial Knight. Currently you rarely see the Castellan on the tabletop as the Forgeworld Knight Magaera has replaced it as the go to Knight in player’s armies.


Late 7th edition saw a lot of over the top armies that make some of the armies we see today seem like chumps. One of the most oppressive armies from that era were the Ynnari. Their ability was extremely good and was hard to stop. Anytime anyone died, a nearby Ynnari unit could do an action. This lead to a lot of mutual annihilation and was especially deadly when two Ynnari armies faced off against each other. There was really no limit on when they can use this extra action or what they could do. It made you afraid to attack them as that would most likely result into something bad happening to you. Towards the end of the edition Games Workshop tried a couple times to tone down the army. It wasn’t really put down until 8th edition was released and the index Ynnari army was truly neutered to the ineffectiveness you see today. It is now very rare to see someone playing a pure Ynnari army. Hopefully they will get somewhat of a boost whenever they are updated.

Imperial Guard Leaf Blower

There were a few army arch types that came into being in the 5th edition of the game. One of the early ones, and long lasting in the memories of gamers, was the Imperial Guard Leaf Blower list. The list basically did what a few armies do today, blow you away with an inordinate amount of shooting, mainly from it’s tanks (surprise surprise). Although not as intimidating as today’s versions, the army still had a healthy amount of respect for what it could do. As it was passed by more powerful codexes and edition changes the power of Guard vehicles has waned to the point where only those really dedicated to the idea of a mechanized force will field an army of all tanks. Hopefully when they get their new codex we will see them back on the tabletop in force.

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