Warhawk Review and 30K Narrative Campaign

Welcome to another episode of The Chief Librarian! This is a lore and narrative gaming-focused podcast around miniature gaming, painting, reading, and all the fun things a hobby should be. 

In today’s episode, I am doing my in-depth review of Warhawk – the sixth book of the Siege of Terra series. This is a deep review and I definitely discuss things that are spoilers, so if you hate spoilers and want to read it for yourself first, then I recommend you do that before listening to this segment.

The second segment is a brief discussion of the state of Horus Heresy gaming. I discuss some of the history of the ruleset, current levels of support, community involvement, and talk about the game of 30K zone mortalis that I played for the local campaign that’s getting started.

A big thank you to all of those who participated in and attended the Age of Sigmar Wargames for Warriors GT – which was Utah’s first AoS GT! We raised a bunch more money for the great charities and everyone who participated and donated to this year’s fundraiser deserves a round of applause!

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