Eternal Champions Kickstarter In the Final Hours!

Creature Caster’s new Kickstarter Judgement Eternal Champions is successfully funded and in the final hours!

See the Kickstarter, here!

Beautiful models available in a solid and durable hard PVC or in the classic Creature Caster hand-poured resin. Creature Caster has done some of their best work remastering the original Judgement figures and applying their unique aesthetic to the range. 

The game itself is fast paced, with movement being clear and dynamic thanks to the new hex system. Even with a limited number of models and a play area that fits easily onto the table there is incredible depth and strategy required when playing. This is truly a high level dueling system that lends itself incredibly well to competitive play.

With that in mind Frontline Gaming has been approached by Creature Caster to hold the first world championship for Judgement Eternal Champions at LVO in 2023. The new expanded venue will be a perfect match for this up-and-coming game that is perfectly suited for tournament play. Undoubtedly prizes, trophies, and glory will be there for the taking.

Don’t hesitate, back this fun but challenging game, and prepare yourself to obtain the ultimate Victory in 2023. 

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