Public Statement Regarding the Separation of Pablo Martinez and Frontline Gaming

After last week’s podcast, a number of you have been in touch to ask us what happened with Pablo “The Rhino” Martinez and why he’s no longer working here at Frontline Gaming. 

It saddens us to say that after years of working as part of our close knit team, Pablo behaved in a manner not in keeping with our values. While none of our customers were affected by Pablo’s actions, his breach of our trust left us with no alternative but to dismiss him. His actions were such that this was the safest way to limit the damage to our company and to continue to protect our customers. 

Normally, we wouldn’t be writing about this sort of thing, it’s a messy business and not our usual brand of tabletop fun. But we care a lot about this community, and with Pablo reaching out to some of you, we felt a responsibility to make it clear he was now acting on his own behalf and was in no way affiliated with Frontline Gaming. 

We wanted to warn you that any goods or services he offers up in the future, are independent from us and undertaken at your own risk.

We’ve got a tough couple of months ahead as we continue to unpack this breach of trust, and recover from what’s been an emotional event for both of us. So we wont be saying any more on the matter, and will instead be focusing on continuing to deliver great products, service, and community support. 

As ever, we appreciate you. Thanks for your support. 

Stay safe.

– Reece & Frankie


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