Soulblight Gravelord Rules Updates

SBWightKings Apr15 Header

For the AoS players out there, how are you feeling about these rules so far?

SBGLMannfredRules May12 Image2yoves
SBGLMannfredRules May12 Image3bliajt
SBGLMannfredRules May12 Image4isnl4
SBGLMannfredRules May12 Image6amkfyt
SBGLMannfredRules May12 Image8duntaf
SBGLNeferataRules May13 Image2aoaoc
SBGLNeferataRules May13 Image3niys
SBGLNeferataRules May13 Image5muwl
SBGLNeferataRules May13 Image6v5fghj
SBGLNeferataRules May13 Image8kd0lr

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