Signals from the Frontline #727: Drukhari, Be’lakor and Armies of Renown Inbound!

The evil Drukhari are getting an update, Be’Lakor is back and meaner than ever, and armies of renown?!

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Show Notes

Date: 3-17-21


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BookOfRustOverview Mar12–Header23iacu
  • Warzone Charadon is coming and looks to be adding a lot of content to 40k!
BookOfRustOverview Mar12 Image1ppgb
  • We’re getting rules for armies of renown, campaign rules and more! These armies of renown allow you to play a matched-play legal list that is highly themed with cool buffs and thematic restrictions.
Belakor40k Mar15 BladeofShadows91js2
Belakor40k Mar15 Immortal48cj5
Belakor40k Mar15 Shadowform3733
  • Be’Lakor is back and looking absolutely brutal!
  • We got a preview of the second to last Underworlds warband for this season, Mir Kainan of the Ossiarch Bonereapers. What a killer model!
WHUW Roadmap2021 v4 Mar16 Final
  • The last warband to be revealed is looking strongly like it will be Idoneth Deepkin.
  • If you wanted to get an FLG Events 40k Express Pass, this is the last week to do so! Grab one and save money on any event of your choice through the end of next year, over 14 events to choose from!
  • We’ve got a new promo for you fine gamers this week, the popular Tundra FLG Mats are on sale, 21% off! Grab one of these awesome mats if they tickle your fancy!

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40k ITC Top 10

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RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1RyanSnyder574.614 of 6
2ShawnRodriguez500.363 of 6
3DavidOzawa466.323 of 6
4NathanFennel464.333 of 6
5JameyPirozzolo459.154 of 6
6AaronKelman452.424 of 6
7DJJenkins425.53 of 6
8DylanCrice422.354 of 6
9JoshuaReasoner421.125 of 6
10Heiðar ÞórStefánsson410.183 of 6

40k ITC Hobby Track Top 10

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RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1RickHill351.812 of 6
2SeanNasto296.952 of 6
3JamesWeston264.92 of 6
4NickHendrix261.643 of 6
5RICHMAHONEY254.362 of 6
6OseasAduna252.652 of 6
7ShaunJackson248.442 of 6
8MarshallPeterson236.712 of 6
9NicolasWenker214.452 of 6
10MatthewBombard193.242 of 6

AoS ITC Top 10

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RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1AnthonyTrentanelli500.493 of 5
2NateTrentanelli291.872 of 5
3DennisBrabazon216.782 of 5
4JaridNeiman194.122 of 5
5lyonscanino163.612 of 5
6SamuelValdez161.421 of 5
6JasonBurau161.421 of 5
8JoshGeorges154.072 of 5
9PabloAbarca130.581 of 5
9SeanSeyer130.581 of 5

Kill Team ITC Top 10

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RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1ÁlvaroLorenzo173.171 of 5
2AdánGunak149.361 of 5
3AceKT132.661 of 5
4SaúlPérez Núñez120.211 of 5
5PedroLópez109.391 of 5
6ArturoSancho98.711 of 5
7CarlosMaciá89.741 of 5
8MikeleYago82.021 of 5
9JavierMoliner Vicente75.131 of 5
10RafaelRuiz de la Vega66.321 of 5

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