40k Game Changers Ep 10: Miniwargaming Dave

Dave Nordquist runs the biggest 40k battle report channel in the world. He’s made fantasy movies, written a book, won a business award and his brain just won’t quit coming up with ideas!!

In this episode Dave talks about how it all began, the genius that is his business partner (and life long friend) Matt, how Lawrence at Tabletop Tactics and Winters from Winters SEO inspired him, how he came to make a fantasy feature film, what inspired him to write a children’s 40k book, and what’s coming next.

Yeah – as you’d expect with Dave there’s a LOT in this episode. He’s a fascinating guy.

Have a listen. And let us know what you think in the comments below.


About Steve Joll

Steve Joll is a radio host and 40k fan from New Zealand. He's been in broadcasting for 30 years (yep- he's that old) and is super excited to be able to mix two of his great loves - the game of 40k and making quality radio shows - with the '40k Game Changers' Podcast.
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