Signals from the Frontline #726: New Warhammer Animations, Be’Lakor Levels Up, & Lilith Inbound!

Join Reecius for a look at the last week in Warhammer!

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Show Notes

Date: 3-10-21


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  • Games Workshop dropped a bombshell today, not only are there more awesome looking Warhammer animations on the way, but the fan favorite Astartes has been brought into the fold as an official Warhammer production!
  • We got a taste of what is to come in the new 40k boxed set, Piety and Pain, featuring space nuns vs. murder elves! Should be a hoot.
Piety PainMiniFocus Mar08 Header23swayc
Piety PainMiniFocus Mar08 Image5kgitd
Piety PainMiniFocus Mar08 Image4ofdti
Piety PainMiniFocus Mar08 Image3lshik
  • GW launched a new addition to the 40k website for you to dream up your next army on.
40kSiteUpdate Mar08 Image2cetan
  • On Monday we got a look at the absolutely astounding ne Be’Lakor model. Apparently after pulling the galaxy’s most brazen Leroy Jenkins assault on Tera, he is getting reincarnated in a truly spectacular form!
NewModelModay Mar8 BelakorAoS1gmydf
  • We’ve got a brand new FLG Mat for you: Country Roads. This lovely mat is perfect for a wide variety of games and comes in 8 different sizes. Moooooove on over to our web-cart to pick one up at a discount during the release period!
  • The very popular Gothic Ruins ITC Terrain Series is on sale! This set looks great, is affordable, easy to build and paint and provides excellent coverage for a game of 40k. It looks fantastic on a wide variety of mats but works especially well on the Ruined City FLG Mat.
  • If you want to grab a 40k Express Pass, do so quickly as they will soon be gone!
  • Registration for the Atlantic City Open will be coming up in the next few weeks, so be prepared for that!

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