Space Marines Codex Review: Superheavy Intercessors

Continuing with the review, today we’re talking about the newest troop choice for the Astartes, the Superheavy Intercessors.


Part of the newest wave of Space Marine codex releases, Superheavy Intercessors are a new troop type available to Marine players. With a 3+ armor save and six wounds per model, they are reasonably tough, although since a Superheavy Lascannon can kill them in one shot, you should be careful not to expose them to fire too much. They are also somewhat mediocre in melee, with only four attacks per model, so you will want to avoid letting them get tied up in combat if possible. Superheavy Intercessors come in at 36pts each, with squad sizes of one to three models.

Rating: Situational


  • Bolter Cannoner (36″ Str 6 AP-2 Dmg2 Rapid Fire 4)
  • Bolt Deagle (12″ Str 6 AP-2 Dmg1 Pistol 1)
  • Astartes Combat Chain Knife (melee Str x2 AP -d6 Dmg 4, -1 on hit rolls)
  • Frak Grenades (6″ Str 5 AP-1 Dmg d3 Grenade d6)

Heavy Intercessors get a decent weapon loadout, although with only three ranged weapons and one melee weapon per model they are a bit light on gear compared to most Space Marine units. However, the Bolter Cannoner is an alright weapon for a basic trooper, and it can plink six or twelve wounds off an enemy vehicle if you roll well, so it’s not bad to have around. Keep in mind, though, you max out at eight shots per model, so one single Superheavy Intercessor won’t be able to destroy an entire squad of Ork Boyz by himself in one turn- a significant disadvantage.

Special Rules

  • Angels of Death (This unit has the And They Shall Know No Fear, Bolter Discipline, Shock Assault, and Combat Doctrines special rules.)
  • Deadly Hail (This unit has the Bolter Hail, Retributive Strike, Burninating Influence, Instant Annihilation, and God-King of Ultimate Death Combat special rules.)

With only two special rules to their name, Superheavy Intercessors can be considered a pretty “vanilla” unit, especially with their lackluster statline and wargear. Sure, you can use Instant Annihilation to remove one enemy unit from the table with no saves allowed, but that’s only once per game- and most games have at least two enemy units, making the ability fairly worthless. You can still get some good use out of your Superheavy Intercessors despite these limitations, you’re just going to need to use their ability to redeploy anywhere on the battlefield each turn very carefully, or else you’ll find the 36″ range on their guns pretty constricting.

Overall Thoughts and Army Composition

Although fine as a troop unit, Superheavy Intercessors shouldn’t be the core of your army (although they do have the Core keyword, obviously.) You’ll have to take at least a few of them to fill out your detachment and get you some Objective Secured models, but since that can cost you upwards of 108pts to fill out a battalion, it can make squeezing in the remaining parts of your army into the 1892pts you have remaining rather difficult; for this reason, I lean towards just taking a Patrol detachment instead, or possibly double-Patrol if you need a few extra slots. Their lack of any impressive special rules and their limited wargear make them a liability when facing down other Space Marine opponents, who are likely to be fielding Interlockers, Advigilators, or Ignoblers in significant numbers. And against a xenos player, they are likely to have… uh… wait, has anyone checked up on the xenos players recently? Are they okay? Do they still exist? Anyways, they probably field, like, some bikes or a tank or something, which probably wouldn’t get tabled on turn 1 so Superheavy Intercessors aren’t very good against them, either.

Of course, if you want to play a more fluffy army and are looking for a unit that just puts out 30-80 S6 AP-2 Dmg2 shots per turn that wound automatically on a 2+ and ignore invulnerable saves, Superheavy Intercessors are alright to use in a narrative campaign, especially if the narrative is “Space Marines defeat everyone and win a trophy, two trophies!” (which, in fairness, is the most common Warhammer narrative.)

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11 Responses to “Space Marines Codex Review: Superheavy Intercessors”

  1. Avatar
    Castle February 17, 2021 6:49 am #

    Kinda sad but I can see a unit being called superheavy intercessors in the future lol. Also call me crazy but the Bolter Cannoner looks like a weapon GW would put into production.
    The bolt deagle probably needs damage 2( after all chaos marines will be updated to 2 wounds).

    Overall humorous article, let’s see what space marine codex 9th edition version 2 has and see how close this is.

  2. Avatar
    abusepuppy February 17, 2021 7:27 am #

    Counterpoint on the Deagle: GW _really_ likes making all Pistol weapons bad. It is a long and storied tradition.

  3. Reecius
    Reecius February 17, 2021 8:35 am #

    The “Situational” Rating is the best part, lol

  4. Avatar
    Yarium February 17, 2021 8:51 am #

    Surprised you didn’t cover GW’s change to basic Chaos Space Marines. You know, the emergency “pre-Codex FAQ” where they’re saying that they’re going back to 1 wound again? At least they saw fit to drop them by 1pt per model from the leaked points cost of 24pts per Chaos Space Marine in order to account for losing that wound, so we can fit more of them into a list at a time.

    • Reecius
      Reecius February 17, 2021 8:56 am #

      It’s TWICE as good now! =P

    • Avatar
      abusepuppy February 17, 2021 10:36 pm #

      I’ll be talking about Chaos Space Marines and their changes in my article on the Ork codex; I want to do things in order.

  5. Avatar
    Nalathani February 18, 2021 9:29 am #

    This is gold!

  6. Avatar
    kaixaukyr February 19, 2021 4:53 am #

    no mortal wounds generation? a paltry 3+? situational for sure. ill be sticking with the Heavy Tricycle Outriders.
    – Midnight Boxcars on the charge
    – Honk If You Love Chainswords for exploding 4s and the aforementioned MW generation
    – 2+/4++ (before Jink)
    – BIKER and 14W makes them great with White Scars but they work in a lot of builds

  7. Avatar
    MidnightSun February 19, 2021 6:15 am #

    You may joke, but I’m just relieved that we got Heavy Intercessors and Uriel Ventris released between Death Guard and Drukhari – I don’t know how I would cope if I went an entire month without buying new Space Marines! I assume they’re different to the ones I bought in September, October, November, December and January – I haven’t got time between applying for new credit cards to actually read the rules – but I do know that these new Space Marines with even *more* AP on their bolters will prove once and for all that I have a big willy! Until next month’s Primaris release, anyway – I can’t wait!!

  8. Avatar
    Matt, the guy who likes space marines February 19, 2021 7:50 am #

    So, AP knows me. And he knows I’m a GW shill who unironically plays space marines as good guys. I was excited to see the marines get a redesign in 8th edition, and I live for the day when all stumpy oldschool marines are thrown into the Legends box, and the Legends box is then hurled into the sun. I’ve been enjoying all the Marine releases, as I’ve been excited to see how they modernize the old marine kit – terminators reimagined as foot-slogging aggressors, vangaurd as sword-and-shield wielding blade-guard veterans, bikes as bigger bikes, land-speeders with a third dopey pilot poking up in the back. I’m only being partially sarcastic here, I’ve enjoyed the new line of marines immensely.

    But these latest guys? These chonky core big boys? I’m strangely *offended* by them. Like, these guys aren’t replacing anything, they’re not an update or refinement of an old concept. They’re just intercessors but bigger. And that can only mean one thing – either they’re overcosted and players will take regular intercessors instead, or they’re undercosted and regular intercessors will rot on the shelf. THere’s literally no middle ground here.

    You did it GW, you triggered an exestential episode in this Astartes fanboy. I’ll leave my skull studs in a baggie with my letter of resignation on your desk in the morning.

  9. Avatar
    AngryPanda February 24, 2021 11:02 am #

    It shouldn’t take getting to the autodelete a unit stratagem to be absolutely sure it’s a parody but here we are.

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