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If you like the colour green, enjoy wearing robes, and have a penchant for secrecy, today is a good day. If you still haven’t worked out what we’re hinting at, check out our weekly video for the answer to the riddle.

That’s right, the Dark Angels are back, but they haven’t come alone – let’s take a look at all of the Warhammer 40,000 releases that are up for pre-order next weekend.

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Codex Supplement: Dark Angels

The sons of the Lion are ready to take up the search for the Fallen once more. To aid them in this goal, they have a new codex supplement that’s bursting at the seams with narrative-driven content. 

With bespoke datasheets, Warlord Traits, Relics, and a psychic discipline, as well as a suite of Crusade campaign rules that represent the sombre quest of the Unforgiven, it’s the essential Dark Angels companion to Codex: Space Marines.

The Dark Angels codex supplement is available as a handsome hardback, or as an opulent collector’s edition that features a beautiful soft-touch cover, decorated page edges, and a ribbon marker – perfect for when you want to do a bit of bedtime reading on the destruction of the Dark Angels’ homeworld.

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Datacards: Dark Angels

As any Space Marine will tell you, arming yourself with the right wargear for the job is a key part of ensuring victory. With that in mind, the Dark Angels datacards pack is exactly what you need to help keep track of all your Stratagems and Interromancy psychic powers in the crucible of battle.

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Combat Patrol: Dark Angels

The Primaris Chaplain, Redemptor Dreadnought, Inceptors, and Intercessors in this set provide you with a budding Dark Angels army with a Power Level of around 25 – perfect for Combat Patrol-sized battles. Whether you’re looking to start a new collection of the Unforgiven or you already have a Dark Angels army that you’re looking to expand, Combat Patrol: Dark Angels is a great way to pick up a handy selection of units while saving yourself a few pennies.

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Storm Speeder

While Land Speeders have been a vital vehicle in Space Marines forces since the Age of Strife, the new generation has now emerged from the forges of Belisarius Cawl and are ready to join your army. The kit can be assembled in any of the three Storm Speeder variants – the anti-infantry Hailstrike, the armour-melting Hammerstrike, and the warhead-launching Thunderstrike. Each is equipped with three powerful weapon systems – they’re mobile fire support perfected.

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Bladeguard Veterans

This multipart set of Bladeguard Veterans provides you with three elite Space Marines, each armed with master-crafted power swords, storm shields, and heavy bolt pistols. This squad can be assembled in an incredible variety of poses thanks to the myriad options in the kit. 

If you’ve been after full-on Primaris melee specialists, this is the unit for you – they’re tough as adamantium nails and will reliably carve a bloody path through anything in front of them.

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Primaris Eradicators

If it’s a tank-busting squad you’re after, look no further than the Eradicators. Each wears reinforced Mark X Gravis armour and can be equipped with a deadly melta rifle or heavy melta rifle as standard. The kit also includes a single multi-melta as an optional upgrade. 

Faced with even a single unit of Eradicators, your opponent will be forced to take great care with the positioning of their vehicles, lest they see their prized assets reduced to molten slag in a single volley.

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The Crypteks of the Necrons specialise in many different disciplines of hypertechnological arts. Psychomancers use their knowledge to overload and confound their foes with mental onslaughts, so if you’re looking to mess with your opponent’s gaming mojo, make sure you add one to your collection. 

Not only are Psychomancers expert manipulators on the battlefield, but the miniature is absolutely stunning – if completely bizarre, but that’s Crypteks for you.

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From the grim darkness of the far future to one of the deepest, darkest places of the Mortal Realms – more specifically, Direchasm…

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Khagra’s Ravagers

A new warband is on its way for Warhammer Underworlds in the form of Khagra the Usurper and her band of Slaves to Darkness. They’ve ventured into Direchasm to despoil the sacred ritual sites and ancient caverns beneath the living mountain. 

Khagra’s Ravagers can permanently desecrate objectives, meaning your opponents will have to face you in combat if they seek to defeat you. This is a field in which Chaos champions are notoriously deadly – and you’ll have the added advantage of wielding Zarshia Bittersoul’s fell sorcery to boot.

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As always, this set includes plenty of new cards that are unique to Khagra’s Ravagers, as well as universal Objective, Upgrade, and Gambit cards that can be used by any warband.

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If you’re yearning for a good book to keep you busy until the unmissable Black Library Celebration next month, get a load of these cracking novels.

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Dawn of Fire: The Gate of Bones

The second book in the Dawn of Fire series (following on from Guy Haley’s dramatic opener, Avenging Son), is The Gate of Bones, written by Andy Clark. 

With the Indomitus Crusade in full flow, get your first look at the sheer scale of the horrors inflicted upon the Imperium – and the determination of Guilliman to defeat them and reunite the Emperor’s realm. This novel will be available in glorious special edition, paperback, ebook, and MP3 audiobook formats.

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Siege of Terra: Saturnine

Here’s your chance to grab Saturnine again, but this time it’s in paperback. If you’re excited to continue the Siege of Terra with Mortis but haven’t quite caught up yet, then you won’t want to miss book 4 in this epic saga.

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The Deacon of Wounds

Black Library’s second season of Warhammer Horror continues with David Annandale’s The Deacon of Wounds. In the grim darkness of the far future, gods are real and faith is rewarded. Discover what happens when that faith is misplaced and light becomes darkness. 

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The gridiron is about to witness the (second) rise of two Star Players, both of whom established their careers posthumously. After all, death can be a stepping stone to greatness in Blood Bowl.

Skrull Halfheight

An Undead Dwarf is rare enough at the best of times, but one who specialises in the passing game is nothing short of a phenomenon. Skrull Halfheight can play for Sylvanian Spotlight and World’s Edge Superleague teams, so if you want to surprise your opponent with sublime passing plays, save some inducements to splash out on this diminutive Star Player.

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Gretchen Wächter

The Blood Bowl Widow earned her epithet from her past life, in which she endlessly suffered her late husband’s unhealthy obsession with the game. In death, bitterness and resentment of Blood Bowl are her greatest assets, and she metes out her vengeance on the pitch. Sylvanian Spotlight teams can hire this dread Star Player, and your opponents will soon learn that there is no cage that Gretchen Wächter cannot crack, as her incorporeal form can slip through the smallest of gaps to sack the ball carrier.

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Coming next week

Over the next seven days, you can look forward to rules previews and more Dark Angels content as we build up to the codex supplement’s release next weekend, as well a Blood Bowl Pitchside Report and much more besides. But that’s not all – we’ve got another packed week of live content for you over on Warhammer TV. Here’s the upcoming schedule of shows.

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