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Thanks to the Warhammer-community team for giving us a preview of what’s coming out next week, and remember, we sell these goods in our web-cart at a discount!

Next weekend brings the long-awaited arrival of the Death Guard, which will bring a raspy sigh of relief to our eminently patient devotees of Nurgle.* Also making their way to the webstore are some legendary heroes of Middle-earth, bringing the quest of the Ringbearer back to hobbyists’ tables once again. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

We’ve been previewing their rules for a few weeks now, and it’s almost time for you to get your hands on the first codex release of 2021.

SundayPreview Jan10 DGCodex81j33

This beautiful tome is stuffed to the sores with brand new lore, art, and rules just waiting to spread death and disease across your tabletop. For the truly faithful, there’s even an awe-inspiring collector’s edition to display proudly on your bookshelf, featuring a luxurious soft-touch cover and foil blocking. 

SundayPreview Jan10 DGCodexLE7dh31

Keep all of the new profiles close at hand so you can focus on doing what the Death Guard do best with this new set of datacards. They’re perfect for a quick reference in the heat of battle – or when you don’t want to lower your collector’s edition codex down from its pedestal.

SundayPreview Jan10 DGDatacards0s90i4

The chosen of Nurgle arrive in force to spread the virulent plagues of their devoted grandfather with a brand new Combat Patrol boxed set packed with everything you need to begin your campaign of contagion in the 41st Millennium. Typhus, Herald of Nurgle, and his Plague Marines oversee a shambling horde of Poxwalkers, accompanied by a Biologus Putrifier who couldn’t be happier to hurl his many, many blight grenades into the foes’ ranks. 

SundayPreview Jan10 DGCombatPat6zl5

Joining their blighted brothers is the new Lord of Virulence, a fearsome leader clad in ancient, mutilated Terminator armour ready to dispense his god’s ‘blessings’ from the barrel of their plague spewer.

SundayPreview Jan10 DGLord5xk44

For those looking for a suitably horrifying backdrop for their Plague Company, the Miasmic Malignifier promises to bring the carefully cultured surroundings of Nurgle’s garden to battlefields across the galaxy. It isn’t just for show either – your Contagions of Nurgle will spread even further with one of these on the table.

SundayPreview Jan10 DGTerrain4xl39

Even more reinforcements for the Death Guard arrive in the form of the Chosen of Mortarion, an essential set of three champions that’s perfect for adding a few new faces to your warband.

SundayPreview Jan10 DGChosen3x93l1

For those especially devout servants of Nurgle looking to pick up all of the Death Guard goodies above in one fell swoop, the Contamination Corps Collection includes everything you see above in one neat and tidy package with the added bonus of some fantastic signed artwork. A worthy gift indeed for those blessed by the hand of the Daemon Primarch.

SundayPreview Jan10 Contamination138jee4

Need a few more numerous bodies to stand between your shiny new Contamination Corps and the False Emperor’s worshippers? Pick up a few boxes of Poxwalkers and give them something to keep an eye on while you go about your fell business – they might even be getting a new and improved datasheet right around the corner…

SundayPreview Jan10 Poxwalkers81k3

MiddleEarth HeaderNEW

The quest of the Ringbearer begins once again with these returning releases from the classic narrative campaign. Will Frodo and Sam make it to Mount Doom with the mercurial Gollum in tow?

SundayPreview Jan10 FrodoSamGollum9i3jd

As Marchwarden of Lothlórien, Haldir is a deadly adversary with both blade and bow. As such, he makes an excellent leader for your Galadhrim warbands, be they warriors or archers.

SundayPreview Jan10 haldir38sj4

Speaking of Elven heroes, Gildor Inglorion and Glorfindel are back to lend their invaluable assistance to the Hobbits as they make their way to the safety of Rivendell.

SundayPreview Jan10 Glorf8j34

Hot on their heels are the fearsome Black Riders, a trio** of Sauron’s unswervingly loyal servants dead-set on retrieving the One Ring for their master.

SundayPreview Jan10 Riders813j

Ready to rise from the murky marshes, the Dead Marsh Spectres are the long-forgotten fallen of ancient wars brought back to Middle-earth to fight for the servants of Evil. Many travellers have been led to their doom following the unnatural glow that emanates from these creatures, causing them to stray into their deadly clutches.

SundayPreview Jan10 Marsh92ksl3

Finally, deep within the barrows of mankind’s ancient kings, the Barrow-wights stir. Their paralysing touch spells death to all those unlucky enough to stumble into their realm, for the fell sorceries of the Witch King still linger in their once-proud resting place.

SundayPreview Jan10 wights73j1

The latest threat from House Escher – Phyrr Cats – will soon be available to Necromunda players. These rare and exotic beasts make perfect underhive companions. The hunt is on!

SundayPreview Jan10 EscherPhyrr19so3

The Elite shock troops of the Night Lords will be up for pre-order for fans of the Horus Heresy next Friday. These Contekar Terminators are butchers and murderers of a high order and will make light work of any who stand in their way.

SundayPreview Jan10 NLTermies29csk1

SundayPreview Jan10 BLHeader82jk2

The second novella in the Siege of Terra series, Fury of Magnus, arrives in hardback, ebook, and MP3 audiobook next week. Discover the end of Magnus’ journey from peace on Prospero to treachery on Terra in a moving tale that sees him finally choose his side and take his place among his brothers.

SundayPreview Jan10 FuryofMagnus9cjl3

For more than 20 years, Dan Abnett has been writing tales about the grim darkness of the far future. Now, more than 30 of these legendary stories have been brought together in one amazing collection to celebrate Dan’s Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy legacy. Next weekend you can pre-order your copy of Lord of the Dark Millennium in paperback.

SundayPreview Jan10 LordofDarkMillennium0s9k4

The Siege of Terra rages on in book 5 of the epic series, Mortis. Horus’ greatest weapons – the towering war engines of the Titan Legions – are about to join the battle, and it’s going to be apocalyptic. This is your chance to get the next story in the series for the very first time in a beautiful limited edition hardback.

BL LimitedEds Jan6 Mortis1h

Eagerly anticipated and next in The Horus Heresy: Primarchs series, Alpharius: Head of the Hydra arrives in a numbered limited edition hardback. Who better to relate the tale of Alpharius than the Primarch himself? As he tells of his deeds, bear one thing in mind: nothing can be trusted when it comes from a serpent’s mouth.

BL LimitedEds Jan6 Hydra2b

Warhammer Community kicks off 2021 with a bang

We’ll be talking about all things Nurgle as part of Death Guard Week, so make sure you tune in for a bumper crop of painting tutorials to get your shambling hordes ready for the table. Those of you tuning in live can catch all of our regular Warhammer TV programs – including the ever-popular Hang Out and Hobby – at the times below.

WC 11 01 21

Want to keep up to date on everything coming to Warhammer? Keep your eyes glued to Warhammer Community for the latest news and previews, and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram so you’re always in the loop. Most importantly, keep showing us what you’re working on! Just tag your latest projects with #WarhammerCommunity so we can see all of your glorious work.

* And a sharp intake of concern for everyone else.

** Of course, there were nine in total, so you’ll need three sets, right?


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