Be Sure to Check Out the Las Vegas Nopen

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The world of Warhammer’s best and brightest bring you an online event like none you’ve ever seen. If the LVO can’t happen, we’ll bring you the LVnO instead.


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It is safe to say that the global pandemic has really put a weight around the neck of organized play in the 41st millennium. With the cancellations of Adepticon (2 years running now), The Nova Open, and most recently, the Las Vegas Open, a large aspect of what makes this hobby great for so many of us has been pulled away. We all love to come together amongst like-minded individuals to share our joy and passion for wargaming. For some, these large events are about taking in the heights of the hobby; the stellar paint schemes, displays, dioramas, and massive armies on parade. For others, it is the competition that drives them; pitting their minds and mettle against the best of the best. In the end, though, we all just want to get together, to share a drink, and to tell our stories, and that is something that isn’t necessarily safe for most of us right now.


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