Sunday Preview – A Very Warhammer Christmas

The Warhammer-community team brings us an update on what’s coming in the holiday weeks.

It’s getting very close to the day that Jakkob Bugmansson flies his skyvessel around delivering presents. That’s not all that’s happening next week though – we have new releases for both the 41st Millennium and the Age of Darkness. Check out the highlights now.

Boxing Day* sees the release of Gorzag Gitstompa and Nikkit. Gorzag is based on a classic piece of art from the game Gorkamorka (ask your parents). He makes an excellent Ork Nob (and Nikkit is a brilliant Ammo Runt), an amazing addition to your greenskin collection, and a fun painting challenge.

XmasOrk Dec13 Gorzag1ychs

You can grab these models from Games Workshop and Warhammer stores from the 26th of December. They will also be available on the webstore shortly after, so everyone will have the opportunity to get these sneaky, thievin’ models for themselves.

The legendary Saul Tarvitz will be available for pre-order from Forge World on Christmas Day itself. The Captain of the Emperor’s Children 10th Company remained loyal to the Emperor even as most of his Legion joined Horus in his betrayal. He flew down to Isstvan III to warn the Loyalists of the impending attack by the Traitors and saved countless lives, including that of his fellow Emperor’s Children Captain, Lucius, which we’re sure won’t come back to bite him.** 

SundayPreview Dec20 Image1cgm

The incredible new model beautifully encapsulates one of the first heroes of the Horus Heresy to turn his back on his own Primarch out of loyalty to the Emperor. Pre-order it from Friday and lead your Loyalists in a mighty last stand.

Next Week on Warhammer Community

Even though James Workshop does allow us to have Christmas Day off, we’ll still be showing off some new models on the big day. We’ll have a glimpse of some of the incredible miniatures that 2021 has in store – make sure that you don’t miss it! 

Warhammer TV is now enjoying a much deserved Christmas break. It will be back in the new year with all of your favourite shows and in the meantime you can catch up with anything that you may have missed over on the Warhammer TV Twitch channel.

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* That’s Saturday the 26th of December for anyone who doesn’t celebrate Boxing Day.
** Read all about Saul’s heroism in 
Galaxy in Flames.


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