Are Blood Angels The Strongest Faction in 40k?

Our friends over at Tabletop Titans bring us a deep dive into the new Blood Angels Space Marine Supplement!

The Blood Angels have been fundamentally changed from their previous codex, and while they lost many of their iconic stratagems, we think they have come out of it stronger than ever. Whereas before they relied on critical melee plays, the newest iteration of this army has many ways of controlling when they engage, dictating the pacing of a game, and are able to not only take points, but hold them definitely for long periods of time. These elements are all key components to making a powerful 9th edition army, and the Blood Angels have them in spades. Let’s take a closer look.


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One Response to “Are Blood Angels The Strongest Faction in 40k?”

  1. Chris Morgan December 19, 2020 6:39 pm #

    Yeah, a little aggressive on some of the options (you can’t give SG Ancients the chapter ancient upgrade), but I’ve got to respectfully disagree on one point here.

    The Libby Dread is not terrible. If you’re going to take a psyker, he’s definitely worth considering. He’s got more attacks than he used to, and yes he doesn’t hit on 2’s anymore, but he can put out more damage than any other character. He’s also eligible for the Chief Librarian upgrade (if you’re feeling spendy), and since he’s a dread he can benefit your troops via the Wisdom of the Ancient stratagems. He can wear a lot of shoes and is certainly worth considering.

    That said, I can certainly relate to the happy feelings from this book. Sure, it’s not 8th edition and you can’t do everything 8th edition like you used to, but that’s kind of nice. It keeps things fresh and makes you adjust a bit. After 20+ years with the faction, I like shaking things up a bit.

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