Salamanders vs Harlequins – 2000pt Warhammer 40k battle report

Our friends at Tabletop Titans have put together another awesome 9th ed 40k video battle report featuring Salamanders and Harlequins!

After weeks of warp travel and webway chasing, the Salamanders chapter has finally closed in on the Frozen Stars Harlequins. As they go for the kill, was this Harlequins’ plan all along? This deadly dance can only end one way: the annihilation of one of these deadly forces.

Two of Warhammer’s most brutal armies go head to head in this exciting battle report. Salamanders are known for having a wide arsenal of tools that provide both lethality as well as durability, while the Harlequins’ signature speed and flexibility means they will be picking most engagements. Who will triumph in this battle of titans?


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