Signals from the Frontline #711: 40k Tournament Meta Taking Shape!

Join Reece and Frankie for a chat about the past week in Warhammer!

Join us for the live show on our Twitch channel by following this link! The show starts at 11am, PST. The podcast and YouTube video-cast air at 9am, PST every Friday.

Show Notes

Date: 11-18-20


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  • This week’s GW pre-order is Blood Bowl season 2 and accompanying products. We do actually have a few left so if you wanted to snag this new box set, you can do so from us at discounted prices with free shipping options via our Web-cart!
  • Next week we’ve got some Lord of the Rings kits coming.
SundayPreview Nov15 HeroesHelmsDeep5n
  • GW has announced a big reveal coming this Saturday the 21st of November, be sure to tune in to Warhammer TV to see what’s new and exciting!
SundayPreview Nov15 PreviewTitle30ut
  • GW also announced some new Battleforces for 40k and AoS. These exciting bundles save you money and tend to sell out quickly so be sure to grab one fast if you want one. And hopefully we are allocated more than just a few so everyone has a chance to pick one up.
  • For Aeronautica Imperialis players, GW has revealed some new Ace cards which should spice the game up quite a bit. These upgrades to existing ships bring new abilities and customization to existing forces. Each faction will get two said aces.
AeroFlightplan Nov17 Ace1j
AeroFlightplan Nov17 Ace2u
AeroFlightplan Nov17 Ace4a
  • GW also revealed rules for the new star Blood Bowl player, Zolcath the Zoat.
BB2ZolcathTheZoat Nov18 Image2and
BB2ZolcathTheZoat Nov18 Image3rea
  • In big news in the Star Wars miniatures world, parent company Asmodee and given Atomic Mass Games, makers of the very popular Marvel Crisis Protocol, the rights to the Star Wars license for the purpose of making miniatures games, taking it away from FFG.
  • The Frontline Gaming Black Friday sale is LIVE! We have some big savings available on FLG Mats and ITC Terrain!
  • Our Second Hand Shop BF sale will kick off this Friday, and we’ve been loading it up with awesome stuff so keep an eye on that.

25% off all FLG Mats!

25% off all ITC Terrain!

  • With the every changing Covid situation we are going to make the call on the LVO 2021 by the end of November, latest the first week of December so that everyone has time to adjust.
  • The FLG Hobby Boxes sold out in a day! Wow, that was fun. However, if you missed out, don’t fret! You can still win a FREE FLG Hobby Box by entering our promotional contest.

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Upcoming ITC Events

40k ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1DanSammons1170.066 of 6
2KenKnox1089.986 of 6
3ColinMcDade1086.386 of 6
4VikVijay1063.996 of 6
5BenCherwien1060.286 of 6
6RickardNilsson1053.336 of 6
7RuudSteenbakkers1047.496 of 6
8JohanNicolaisen1046.76 of 6
9cylethompson1046.076 of 6
10MikePorter1038.156 of 6

40k ITC Hobby Track Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1JeremiahPetit674.866 of 6
2JamesWeston643.565 of 6
3MarshallPeterson637.795 of 6
4JamesKelling607.795 of 6
5DaveDanuser603.326 of 6
6JohnSmith591.094 of 6
7ScottBouche579.075 of 6
8DarynKaczmarczyk555.964 of 6
9RobertSeeley547.334 of 6
10SeanNasto539.484 of 6

AoS ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1MattBeasley660.284 of 5
2Williamsoehaili490.753 of 5
3JordanDuncan486.283 of 5
4MichaelVagenos464.153 of 5
5JarrettZazuetta464.013 of 5
6JaridNeiman460.663 of 5
7KurtRoeper448.873 of 5
8MathewJones448.133 of 5
9CarlOng444.573 of 5
10KalebWalters439.153 of 5

AoS ITC Hobby Track Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1RussellTanner185.672 of 5
2AdamCamenisch182.492 of 5
2willreeves182.492 of 5
4MattAbbott163.461 of 5
5DanSanchez159.751 of 5
6BrianBlickle155.371 of 5
6RobertSnyder155.371 of 5
8RyanBurwell146.791 of 5
9ChrisDaugherty137.951 of 5
10AndrewMiller133.872 of 5

Warhammer Underworlds ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1IvanCho502.524 of 5
2GlennDean328.952 of 5
3JonathanKolson3213 of 5
4CodyHandlir294.773 of 5
5MikeMelody275.44 of 5
6ChristopherAvalos272.222 of 5
7ScottDriessen265.792 of 5
8PeterRivera204.91 of 5
9JohnDownes195.932 of 5
10AmanKhusro188.421 of 5

Kill Team ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1RudyPertu Tähtinen650.814 of 5
2JonSao618.254 of 5
3LucasCarrón505.324 of 5
4ÁngelÁlvarez Serrano488.054 of 5
5CarlosPaz462.063 of 5
6ManuelMelguizo459.394 of 5
7JanisGilham452.843 of 5
8Pablode la Torre428.993 of 5
9AndrewTanner419.623 of 5
10AdrianPontes Serrano413.313 of 5

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