Pre-orders This Week: Space Wolves and Deathwatch!

You can grab these goodies from us through our web-cart at discounted prices with FREE shipping options.

Note: GW has severely limited the amount of these items independent stores will be getting. We are likely going to sell out almost immediately. Please fill out the pop-up form in our web-cart if the item is sold out to be alerted when they come back in stock and be first in line to get the items.

See all of this week’s pre-orders, here!

Codex: Space Wolves

Codex: Deathwatch

Space Marines Outriders

Datacards: Space Wolves

Datacards: Deathwatch

Citadel Painting Handle Mk2

Orks Ghazghkull Thraka

Space Wolves Ragnar Blackmane

Space Wolves Dice Set

Combat Patrol: Space Wolves

Deathwatch Dice Set

Combat Patrol: Deathwatch

Space Wolves Hounds of Morkai

Darkness in the Blood

Deathwatch: The Long Vigil


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