This Week’s New Products!

We’ve got a slew of new goodies available for you!

We’ve got our new 6×4′ to 44×60″ conversion kits ready to rock! One of these handy tools will turn any of your existing 6×4′ gaming mats into a 44×60″ surface, leaving room to set models, books etc. on the extra space. We have 3 designs available!

6×4′ to 44×60″ FLG Mat Conversion Kits

See all of the new GW pre-orders, here!

Space Marines Terminator Chaplain Tarentus

Warcry Catacombs

Warcry Catacombs Board Pack

Warcry Carry Case

Warcry: Kharadron Overlords

Warcry: Flesh-eater Courts

Warcry: Ironjawz

Warcry: Skaven

Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Gang Stronghold

Necromunda: House of Iron

Orlock Arms Masters and Wreckers

House of Iron Dice Set

Orlock Gang Tactics Cards

Adeptus Titanicus: Crucible of Retribution

Adeptus Titanicus: Open Engine War Card Pack

Warcry: Blood of the Everchosen

Inferno! Volume 5

Warhammer Horror: The Reverie


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