Tournament Report: Hanseatic Open

Hanseatic Alliance Open A triple digits 40k tournament though Corona.

Hey everyone, it’s CadianRanger with a short round up of the Hanseatic Alliance Open 40k GT. Last weekend (3rd-4th Oct) the Dutch guys from the Alliance Open and my fellow Germans from Target Priority 40k – the really competitive 40k podcast, managed to pull of a 101 player, 5 round Warhammer 40k GT.

Due to the flagging of certain areas in the Netherlands some of the Alliance Open TOs were not allowed to attend the event, so I had the honor to drop as a player myself and became one of the judges at the event.

The event was held in the Atlantic Hotel Galopprennbahn in Bremen, Germany. The venue offered two over 500 m2 large rooms to split the event in order to keep all mandatory Covid-19 regulations.

In addition to this the top table was set up in a separate room and all 5 rounds were streamed live. Each gaming table had an area of over 15m2 ensuring to keep the required 1.5m of social distancing.

For the tables 1 to 28, four standardized table layouts, designed by the Alliance Open were used, with there very own terrain range, providing more equality for the top player bracket.

The terrain feedback of all players was great, everybody liked to play on the layouts providing almost all terrain types covering a lot of terrain traits. Have a closer look:

Overall the event ran quite smooth and there was only one penalty that had to be applied. A player came back to play a rule differently than it was ruled by a judge in his first game. Everybody’s darling the Adeptus Astartes had the highest showing, followed by Deathguard, Orks and Harlequins and players from the Netherlands, Germany and one Swede showed up to the event.

The final games for winning overall were Adeptus Sororitas vs. Harlequins and White Scars vs. Harlequins and in the end the Clowns managed to pull it off, placing 1st and 2nd overall, followed by AdMech on 3rd and 4th. So only two players went undefeated in the event.

You’re interested in how the top table games went? Check out the English videos of the tournament coverage here:

All lists and results can be seen here:

Last, but not least…some gorgeous models and the best painted army (all converted Space Wolves).

I’m very happy to report that throughout the entire event there was no violation against the Covid-19 regulations. It was good to see that despite having stringent Covid-19 related regulations the players where having a good time. All of them happy to be able to throw down some dice and aware that upholding the rules was the only way to make that happen. Huge cudos to all players.

Organizing and running the event felt right and this event seemed to be a great sign and anchor for the 40k community that things are slowly getting back to life. Well done Alliance Open and Target Priority 40k – the really competitive 40k podcast. Looking forward for your next event, maybe as a player again…

Special thanks to all helpers and supporters making this event happen. We would not exist without you.

Daniel aka CadianRanger, Team Firebug


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