Sunday Preview – Codexes and a King

The Warhammer-community team brings us a preview of what to expect in the new 9th ed 40k Codecies and other releases heading our way!

The first of the new codexes are up for pre-order next weekend and are about to take what is already the best-ever edition of Warhammer 40,000 to the next level. What’s more, they’re just the start of what’s on the way next week! Time to see the exciting line-up in our regular peek at the Week in Warhammer.

What a packed week awaits you! Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at it all.

Codex: Space Marines

  • Thrilling background? Check.
  • Stunning artwork? Check.
  • Bespoke, narrative-driven Crusade rules? Check.
  • Rules for building your own Successor Chapter Tactics? Check.
  • A whopping 98 datasheets? Check.

All that and we still haven’t mentioned the rules for upgrading your Characters to members of the Chapter Command, nor the incredible miniatures showcase and the fact that the rules and background sections cover every First Founding Chapter and their successors – even the Deathwatch! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – this is the nearest thing to an actual Codex Astartes we’ve ever made. It serves as the foundation for all your Adeptus Astartes armies and provides you with everything you need, and more, to unleash them on the battlefield and crush the enemies of the Imperium.

Of course, if you’re looking to celebrate this glorious new codex with an edition worthy of Roboute Guilliman himself, then you can pick up the Collector’s Edition, which comes with a ribbon marker, soft-touch cover with foil blocking, and printed page edges.

Remember that each new codex comes with a unique digitally printed code inside the back cover. This code unlocks the codex’s full contents in Warhammer 40,000: The App, so if you haven’t already downloaded it, make sure you do so today in preparation, and sign up for a My Warhammer account so you can make the most of the app’s features.

Datacards: Space Marines

Even when you’re using the app to play, it’s still incredibly satisfying (and helpful) to place a datacard next to a friendly or enemy unit affected by a psychic power, Stratagem or Litany of Battle as a reminder that its effects are active. Thankfully, this handy set will enable you to do just that!

Primaris Invader ATV

This swift and manoeuvrable buggy can be equipped with either an onslaught gatling cannon or a multi-melta, while the driver gets to join in the fun with a twin auto bolt rifle. If you’re after some mobile fire support that can keep up with your Outriders, look no further!

Primaris Chaplain on Bike

Whether you’re looking to lead the charge of your Outriders from the front with a powerful Character, or you just think that the new Raider-pattern bikes would look sick in black, the Primaris Chaplain on Bike is just what you need! In any case, the wings of the Chaplain’s enormous crozius arcanum are styled in the manner of a battle axe –  just imagine the mess that would make when the Chaplain smites a heretic at high speed!

Sadly, Space Marine enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on this skull-masked hero. The mass-conveyer the Chaplains bound for the Antipodes were on has been delayed by a storm worthy of Fenrisian helwinter – we expect that you’ll be able to pre-order him around the 17th of October.

Firestrike Servo-turret

They may be known for their lightning assaults, but sometimes even Space Marines need to hold the line against an overwhelming enemy force. That’s where the Firestrike Servo-turret comes in. These fearsome gun batteries can be fielded in units of up to three, armed with twin accelerator autocannons, or twin las-talons for some anti-armour punch. What’s more, they’re manned by some of the Chapter Armoury’s best marksmen,  further assisted by advanced targeting arrays. As such, these Techmarines rarely miss their mark.

Next weekend isn’t all about Space Marines, either – the Necrons are also coming out to play! And they’ve brought a whole bunch of new friends with them too, including their long-lost supreme ruler. Let’s take a look.

Codex: Necrons

This is the biggest, most all-encompassing edition of Codex: Necrons ever. It includes a detailed background of the ancient machine race and tells the full story of their ancestral ruler, the Silent King, for the first time. Add to that the wonderfully thematic Crusade rules, the largest roster of units the Necrons have ever had, and the freedom to assemble a Dynastic Code of your own, and it’s fair to say that Necrons fans are in for a real treat – and their enemies are in for a rude awakening…

You can even celebrate the return of the Silent King with a suitably imperious Collector’s Edition of the codex, which comes with a ribbon marker, soft-touch cover with foil blocking, and printed page edges. As with those of the Space Marines, the Necrons codexes feature unique printed codes which activate their rules content in Warhammer 40,000: The App.

Datacards: Necrons

Keep track of your Stratagems and physics-bending C’tan Powers with the accompanying Necrons datacards. This set is especially handy for reminding both you and your opponent which Command Protocol – a powerful new turn-based ability introduced in the codex – is active during each battle round.

Szarekh, the Silent King

That’s right – he’s back! Even without the not-so-subtle effects of his dais’ obeisance generators, it would be difficult to resist kneeling before the sheer majesty of the Silent King. Szarekh is accompanied by two Phaerons – newly elected members of the Triarch, who bear their relics of office. Behind the Silent King writhes the bound essence of a C’tan Shard known only as the Enchained, whose otherworldly powers fuel the dais and the incandescent annihilator beams that erupt forth from the Triarchal Menhirs that flank Szarekh at all times.

Lokhust Heavy Destroyer

The big guns are out in force with the Lokhust Heavy Destroyer. Armed with either an infantry-shredding enmitic exterminator or a tank-busting gauss destructor, these Destroyers are bigger, gnarlier and more heavily armed than ever before!

Canoptek Doomstalker

If you like your creepy, long-legged war machines to come with an added threat of doom, then the Canoptek Doomstalker is just the ticket! To ensure it inflicts sufficient levels of doom, it’s equipped with a carapace-mounted doomsday blaster, which increases in power the further away its target is. Just remember to say ‘Your doom approaches…’ each time you set one up on the battlefield!

A Dicey Subject

We couldn’t let you have a mega new Necrons codex with all the bells and whistles without including a shiny dice set to go with it – so here it is! These artfully wrought dice are designed with debossed Necron circuitry, with a Necron skull and Faction icon in place of a 1 and 6 respectively.

Four more Space Marines Chapters also get their long-awaited dice sets too – namely the Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard and Salamanders. Each are cast in the colours of their Chapter and feature the Prime Helix of the Apothecarion in place of a 1 and their Chapter icon in place of a 6.

Start Here!

This new book, aptly named ‘Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000’, is designed to help anyone and everyone who’s getting started with Warhammer 40,000! It breaks down every aspect of the Warhammer hobby to its fundamentals, introducing how to collect, build, paint and play with your miniatures in a way that someone with no prior Warhammer experience can easily pick up. If you’ve ever thought about introducing a friend or family member to Warhammer 40,000, this is the way to do it. They’ll even get their very first models in the form of a push-fit Primaris Assault Intercessor and Necron Warrior too!

Next up, we have all the latest from Forge World, featuring some key reinforcements and wargear options from the House of Blades.

If you serve House Escher, you can look forward to some incredibly versatile new weapon options for your gang members, as well as some tooled-up Champions with which to strengthen your roster… provided you have the creds, of course! With combi-weapons, blades, whips and even a massive hammer, your gang will soon be armed and ready for anything.

Black Library also have two offerings this week, including the first-ever Necron-focused novel!

What happens when a rivalry grows unchecked for countless aeons? Find out in Robert Rath’s Warhammer 40,000 novel, The Infinite and the Divine, which tells a tale of discord between Trazyn and Orikan from their awakening around the time of the Horus Heresy, to the present day.

War of the Orks, book 4 of Cavan Scott’s Warped Galaxies series of Warhammer Adventures, is coming your way as an MP3 audiobook. This tale, read by David Tennant, sees Zelia, Talen and Mekki continuing their search for the Emperor’s Seat. But shortly after arriving on the jungle planet of Weald, they find themselves inadvertently embroiled in a war between two rival tribes of Orks!

The Week Ahead

We’ve another busy week for you on Warhammer TV, packed with all of your favourite hobby shows. Check out the schedule.

We’ll also have loads more articles for you to look forward to right here on, from detailed looks at the fantastic new Crusade content in the Necrons and Space Marines codexes to a peek inside the cover of next month’s White Dwarf. Next week’s painting videos are all dedicated to you budding Crytpeks out there, helping you create a Necron phalanx fit for a (silent) king, so keep your brushes and paint at the ready. Speaking of painting, you have until Wednesday to show us your warband Leaders for the Warhammer Community painting competition, so get your submissions in now. Later next week, we’ll announce the winners and set you a new challenge.

What a week! Join us on our Facebook page and let us know what you’re most looking forward to from the next seven days.


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