Fantasy Fisticuffs: Announcing New Game Coverage

Frontline Gaming is bringing coverage to several new systems!

Over the last few months the Fantasy Fisticuffs team has been working hard to expand coverage and explore new game systems.  Our intent was always to shine a light on some of the less covered competitive miniatures systems out there, and over the next few months we are doing precisely that.

We’re happy to announce coverage of several great games will be coming your way in the form of previews, reviews, battle-reports, and tactics articles.

Here is a look at the first of our new systems, but throughout 2021, plenty more will be added, hopefully making Fantasy Fisticuffs and Frontline Gaming your home for all things gaming.

Marvel Crisis Protocol:

The game of superhero combat has matured from a new system, to a robust, highly skill-based, game in the blink of an eye.  This is a game that rewards experience, clever play, all while you live out your superhero fantasies.

Kings of War: Armada:

Helping to bring Naval combat to a new audience, this fantasy engine combines the ponderous, thoughtful positioning of ship-to-ship combat, with high magic, as well as Mantic’s increasingly great setting of Pannithor and its races.  This one has got a spot on our radar, as its blend of simple rules, but highly tactical play, looks to help this game reach a wide audience.


It League of Legends/DotA were a proper miniatures board-game, this would be it.  Extremely quick and easy to play gameplay reveals a shockingly tricky to master experience.  This may very well be the game serious competitive types bust out on their lunch-breaks.  Look for a lot of tips and tricks for this one.

And Much More!

Don’t see your favorite system here, don’t worry!  Our painting hobbits don’t need sleep anyway, and practice games of Star Wars Legion and Armada, are already happening as well, as is the case with A Song of Ice and Fire, and Battletech!

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