Sorry for the lateness folks! our Executive Producer and one cohost are dealing with some gnarly fires from Aqshy.  

This week we discuss Garrett’s AoS GT (RTT) on Tabletop Simulator. Both Jeremy and Alex are brining armies they lack experience in. Jeremy’s bringing Lumineth with plenty of Battle Cattle while Alex is brining the Lizard Truth with a Koatl’s Claw Seraphon Army. The first rounds happen during the work week so we check in on their games. You can sdalso follow the event Here

We also discuss the new Lumineth releases and Alex talks about how he hates the Teclis model while giving suggestions on how to fix it. 

We also review a recent GT! It was the MISTRZOSTWA ŚLĄSKA in Poland. There were some interesting lists and we discuss variations of this meta. 

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Fueled off coffee and rage. Alex can often be found at tournaments battling it out in the 41st millennium or the Mortal Realms; often with a lost voice. An ITC Veteran, Alex has seen 40k editions come and go and has been playing 40k since 5th and AoS since it’s competitive beginnings.

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