Tactical Tips for New Lumineth Units

The Warhammer-community team brings us a tactica on playing the new Lumineth Realm Lords! Remember, you can order these goodies form us at discounted prices through our web-cart!

This weekend, a host of new Lumineth Realm-lords kits go on pre-order – and we’re here to help you make the most of them on the tabletop. In this rundown, we’ll be exploring who they all are, awesome signature abilities you can’t miss, and how to use them in battle. Let’s get stuck in!

1. Avalenor, the Stoneheart King

Who he is: A legend among the Lumineth, Avalenor is a vast elemental mountain spirit contained in a body of stone. 

Signature Ability: Guardian of Hysh

Guardian of Hysh makes Avalenor utterly terrifying on the tabletop, blunting the enemy in a vast radius (12″ when he’s undamaged!) around him by reducing their hit rolls. 

How to use them: Use Avalenor as a front-line tank, keeping him at the centre of your army and getting as close to the enemy as possible, as fast as possible. This will allow you to capitalise on Guardian of Hysh while also letting you smash stuff up with hammers!

2. Alarith Stonemage

Who they are: Alarith Stonemages are sorcerers attuned to the power of the mountains of Hysh. Capable of redirecting gravity or reinforcing their allies with stone-given strength, they are invaluable to the Alarith temples when they march to war. 

Signature Ability: Stonemage Stance

Stonemage Stance is a key ability for any Alarith force, boosting nearby Stoneguard with a hefty bonus to their Rend characteristic – perfect for smashing heavily armoured troops! 

How to use them: Keep your Alarith Stonemage at the centre of your Alarith Stoneguard to make the most of their powerful attacks – and maybe grab an endless spell or two to help them contribute even more to the battle.

3. Alarith Stoneguard

Who they are: Alarith Stoneguard are devoted disciples of the Alarith Temples who use their elemental skills for war. Durable, calm, and capable of sundering the heaviest armour, they’re a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. 

Signature Ability: Tectonic Force

Tectonic Force is available to all Alarith units, but it’s most useful on Alarith Stoneguard. With this ability, you’ll be able to bump enemies off objectives or into awkward spots for other units to charge.

How to use them: Stoneguard are a great hammer unit,* and a big squad is ideal for smashing through armoured enemies. Alternatively, dedicate your army to the Great Nation of Ymetrica and you’ll be able to use them as Battleline – ideal for an elite army!

4. Vanari Dawnriders

Who they are: Blisteringly fast “light” cavalry (geddit?), Vanari Dawnriders are the spearhead of many Lumineth armies, scything through enemies with murderous ease. 

Signature Ability: Deathly Furrows

Deathly Furrows lets you make a mockery of enemy horde infantry like Clanrats, Stabbas, and Skeleton Warriors by supercharging your Attacks characteristic and letting you slay them by the dozen – even with a relatively small unit of Vanari Dawnriders!

How to use them: Take Vanari Dawnriders in units of 5 or 10 – any larger and they can become unwieldy. Deploy them on the flanks of your army and use them to swiftly seize objectives and to charge enemy horde infantry who dare approach!

Pre-order all of these new units on Saturday, and let us know how you’ll be using them in your army on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page!

* As in, a meaty damage dealer that’ll be doing the lion’s share of the fighting in the army. The fact they also hold hammers is a happy coincidence!


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