The Top Ten Tactical Tips for Teclis

The Warhammer-community team brings us some more info on playing the mighty Teclis in preparation for the upcoming Lumineth Realm Lords release going up for pre-order this Saturday.

This weekend, Teclis – god of light, master mage and overall extremely rad dude – goes on pre-order! We’ve examined this stunning model up close, but how do you make the most of him on the tabletop? We’ve got some top tips to help you out.

1. Choose How You Cast

Teclis’ signature ability is Archmage. This allows him to automatically cast spells – he can cast either a single spell that can’t be unbound, two spells with a casting roll of 12, or four spells with a casting roll of 10. We’d recommend basing how you cast on who you’re up against – if your enemy doesn’t have Wizards to unbind you, cast four spells. If you’re up against a powerful caster like Nagash, you may want to limit yourself to one or two spells.

2. Do Your Research…

Choosing spells for your Wizards in a Warhammer Age of Sigmar army is always incredibly tricky – but thankfully, Teclis doesn’t have to! This master mage knows all 12 Lumineth spells from the offset. The challenge will be knowing which ones to use in which situation – read your battletome carefully. However, there are some options you’ll always want to have in mind.

3…But Pay Special Attention to Assault of Stone…

No single Lumineth spell is an “auto-take” – there’s a time and a place for each. However, one you’ll find useful in most games is Assault of Stone. This spell is amazing for assassinating squishy support Heroes and Wizards. Remember, Teclis always counts as having rolled a 10 or a 12 to cast, giving you enough dice to smash most such foes to dust.

4…And Don’t Forget Your Native Spells!

As if that wasn’t enough, Teclis has two awesome spells of his own. Which you use depends on the situation and the army you’re facing. When up against multiple small units, Storm of Searing White Light will be incredibly powerful, dealing a deluge of mortal wounds over a massive area.

5. Choose Your Nation Wisely

Lumineth Realm-lords can be dedicated to Great Nations that offer them new abilities, and Teclis is no exception. This peerless Wizard is particularly effective in a Zaitrec force, thanks to an artefact that offers a friendly Stonemage or Cathallar a massive 4+ ability to ignore wounds and even more bonuses to cast. 

6. Take The Twinstones

Teclis’ auto-casting of spells combos extremely well with the Hyshian Twinstones. This magical battery charges up when nearby wizards successfully cast a spell – keep it near Teclis, use his spells first in your hero phase, and your next Wizard could be looking at a mighty +4 to their first spell! 

7. Use Your Aetherquartz

It can be easy in the heat of battle to forget Teclis has a share of aetherquartz just like any other Lumineth Realm-lords unit. While you’ll probably never need to use this to help you cast a spell, it’s well worth it when you need to win a key combat or withstand a deadly assault. 

8. Know Thy Enemy

Teclis’ vast flexibility means how you use him will depend on your matchup. Work out a plan for your most dangerous enemies. Say you were up against Nagash – you’d want to save your automatic unbind for Hand of Dust! Meanwhile, if you found yourself battling The Blue Scribes or a Curseling, you’d want to limit your casting and be careful about using spells you wouldn’t want the Tzeentch player to acquire!

9. Know Thy Friends

Teclis is a big deal, but he’s best used in combination with other Lumineth Realm-lords units – see him as a magical Swiss army knife that’ll work in tandem with your other warriors. We’d suggest that two full-sized blocks of Auralan Wardens are a must-have with Teclis, helping to provide a physical shield for their lord and helping you win the game – after all, in most missions, slaughtering the enemy should take the back seat to securing objectives, and to do that, you’ll need bodies. 

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Your Hands (And Paws!) Dirty

Teclis is, first and foremost, a Wizard, but he’s far from the fragile combatant he was in the world-that-was. While you’ll want to keep him clear of dedicated close combat units and Heroes (it’s hard to liberate Hysh from inside Archaon’s sword, after all!), his combat profile is very solid – use him to spread havoc on the flanks, or use his flying movement to get into the back lines and cause mayhem there.

Pre-order Teclis for your army this weekend, and let us know how you’ll be using him in your force on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page!

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