Signals from the Frontline #698: 9th ed 40k Organized Play Slowly Coming to Life!

Frankie and Reece discuss the past week’s hobby news and take a look at some of the recent events that have been able to safely run in this Covid era!

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Show Notes

Date: 8-19-20


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  • There’s an upcoming Warhammer Preview on the 22nd of August! Make sure to tune in to Warhammer TV to see all the exciting news.
  • There’s a ton of fun new stuff on the way for GW fans coming up for pre-order soon!
  • For the SoCal Open, we’re still in a holding pattern but hope to learn more soon. California is still in phase 1 reopening but things are changing rapidly and with the ability to properly distance and a mask policy we may be good to go. We will let you all know as soon as we do.
  • The rise of the mini Marines? With confirmation that they are getting all kinds of goodies including an extra wound, this is going to shake up the 40k meta quite a bit.
  • We’ve had some surprising early edition event results! Now, all kinds of caveats of course, it’s early, events are few and far between, but it is still fun to look at what little data we have!
    • Andy Penn won an event in Adelaide with an Orc Outrider Army featuring a ton of fast movers.
    • Warboss on Bike
    • Deffkilla Wartrike
    • 3 Scrapjets
    • 3 Scrapjets
    • Shokkjump Dragsta
    • Kustom Boosta Blasta
    • Boom Dakka Snazzwagon
    • Bonebreaka
    • Bonebreaka
    • Burna Bomma
    • Spend six pre game CP on OUTRIDERS, FORTRESS, DA BIGGEST BOSS & a 2nd relic
  • Event Top 4:
    • Salamanders
    • Space Wolves
    • Drukhari
    • Ultramarines
  • We had a Salamanders successor list take the Flying Monkey piloted by Dan Sammons.
    • Captain on Bike: Hammer
    • Primaris Lt.
    • 3 x 5 Scouts
    • 6 Flamer Aggressors
    • 2 x 3 Flamer Aggressors
    • 3 x 3 Bladeguard Vets.
    • 2 x 3 Outriders
    • 5 Grav Devs
    • Drop Pod
    • 2 x 3 Eradicators
  • Event Top 4:
    • Sallies
    • Sallies
    • Death Guard
    • White Scars
  • And Alex Harrison won the Vanguard Tactics event with Salamander Successors also, this time featuring a Patrol and Spearhead detachment.
    • Captain on Bike with Hammer
    • 5 Intercessors
    • 5 Scouts
    • 5 Bolter Aggressors
    • 6 Flamer Aggressors
    • 3 Outriders
    • Land Speeder Tempest
    • 5 Grav Devs in Drop Pod
    • Lt. w/ Jump Pack
    • 3 Flamer Aggressors
    • 3 x 3 Eradicators
    • Relic Scorpius Whirlwind
  • Event Top 4:
    • Salamanders
    • Death Guard/Nurgle Daemons
    • Custodes
    • Harlequins
  • For more great event lists and stats, check out 40k Stats Centre!

Upcoming ITC Events

40k ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1VikVijay1060.666 of 6
2KenKnox1033.456 of 6
3RyanSnyder946.716 of 6
4JamesKelling939.46 of 6
5DanSammons934.545 of 6
6Mark “Gator”Hertel928.396 of 6
7DevinSwann899.335 of 6
8LarryOliver852.336 of 6
9BenCherwien849.756 of 6
10DavidVillareal848.636 of 6

40k ITC Hobby Track Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1JohnSmith504.993 of 6
2ColtonHatch491.025 of 6
3RichardKilton453.475 of 6
4WesWright413.34 of 6
5BrianAndersen406.465 of 6
6JamesWeston398.024 of 6
7RickHill391.334 of 6
8ScottBouche352.73 of 6
9SeanNasto344.563 of 6
10ScottRumple341.633 of 6

AoS ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1MattBeasley660.284 of 5
2MichaelVagenos429.833 of 5
3HannahEastham426.134 of 5
4JarrettZazuetta418.593 of 5
5MathewJones405.133 of 5
6JeloShot404.173 of 5
7RobProscia402.573 of 5
8MatthewAbbott387.443 of 5
9MattObringer380.183 of 5
10JamesMatthews376.073 of 5

Warhammer Underworlds ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1IvanCho502.524 of 5
2GlennDean328.952 of 5
3JonathanKolson3213 of 5
4CodyHandlir294.773 of 5
5MichaelMelody275.44 of 5
6ChristopherAvalos272.222 of 5
7ScottDriessen265.792 of 5
8PeterRivera204.91 of 5
9JohnDownes195.932 of 5
10AmanKhusro188.421 of 5

Kill Team ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1ÁngelÁlvarez Serrano488.054 of 5
2JonSao456.833 of 5
3JanisGilham452.843 of 5
4Pablode la Torre428.993 of 5
5AndrewTanner419.623 of 5
6ChrisHarris407.114 of 5
7ManuelMelguizo392.253 of 5
8Miliucofull hd371.374 of 5
9ShaneSmith365.812 of 5
10PeterWorsley360.583 of 5

Tactics Corner

  • Here are some awesome commissions that have recently come out of the FLG Paint Studio!

Completed Commissions

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