Signals from the Frontline #695: 9th ed 40k is Upon Us!

Reece and Frankie chat about 9th ed 40k now that it’s in our greedy little paws!

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Show Notes

Date: 7-29-20


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  • GW announced three new starter boxes for 9th ed 40k! These will allow you to grab specific parts of the Indomitus box and get some fun items to help get you rolling in the game.
40kStarterSets Jul27 Recruit30ys
40kStarterSets Jul27 Elite2ych
40kStarterSets Jul27 Command3hvh
  • GW is taking steps to correct course with the app. They’re also throwing in a month’s subscription for free!
  • The awesome looking Darktide 40k game was announced last week and it looks fantastic!
Darktide Jul24 Screenshots4hvgs
  • We got quite a thrill to see this awesome achievement unlocked for the FLGN!
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  • Congratulations to Paul Griffiths who won the Catachan Col. painted by the FLG Paint Studio giveaway we hosted. We will post pictures of the awesome model as it gets painted.
Catachan Colonel – BlackLegion.Market

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Tactics Corner

  • As info starts rolling in about 9th ed experiences, people are starting to get a feel for how the game will play.
    • The GT missions are being well received.
    • The smaller board is being reported as a big change in game play, largely positive as it forces interaction.
    • Players are realizing it’s all about those objectives and board control.
    • Some interesting list ideas coming out about just swarming objectives with wounds. Will it work?
    • 5 turn games force action and should speed things up tremendously

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6 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #695: 9th ed 40k is Upon Us!”

  1. Josh July 29, 2020 2:13 pm #

    Why is there predator blood on those leaves?! Why?! Are humans being hunted by a new species in the grim dark future?

  2. rvd1ofakind July 30, 2020 10:27 am #

    God, I hope 9th doesn’t get ruined by the 90 nurgling lists or by the change to prevent 90 nurgling lists (or equivalents in other factions).

    Because I’m having the time of my life right now winning against new admech without losing a single greater daemon (bringing all 4 + 1 more KoS).

    • Donatas Bartkėnas July 30, 2020 12:02 pm #

      I feel the main reason why GDs are more successful is because due to obscuring terrain you can actually transfer your skill in to the game with big models now. Well… most big models (rip knights).

      Before it was mostly: can I roll these saves or advance/charge rolls. Now you can maneuver between terrain while predicting how your opponent will react to it

      • Reecius July 30, 2020 1:36 pm #

        That’s great that the big monsters are working for you now.

  3. Pyrothem July 31, 2020 8:33 am #

    They must scrap the app and hire out to a real tech company and have it be built from the ground up.

    They are a multi million dollar (profit not Goss) company and to have an in-house made app that is this bad is mortifying.

    The only option is to scrap it completely and start from scratch with people that know what they are doing. You can not pull out of a rating score that low no matter what you do.

    The plan to fix things are promises they can not keep, the backside and code will not be able to do it. I know you want to believe in the people that made it but asking things from people that can not do it is setting all up to fail.

    They are using Google doc as a database…
    To put it in non code speak it is like you have these people building you a house and they are way behind schedule but they promise that the bathroom will look like X and the heated floor will make things so very nice. BUT you glance at the frame and foundation and see that there is no concrete, just old playdough, there is no wooden frame but made of Legos.

    I fear the people working on this are WAY out of depth and yeah this might have kind of held together for a highschool class assignment and gotten you a C grade to pass but will not work for a real publishes app.

    This is not just a small part of GW but as you said it is their push into the future/modern day and they have fallen on their face. Time to pick yourself up and hire people that are experts in this field.

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