The Aelven Pantheon

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A fun AoS lore article from the Warhammer-community page! Super cool to see Malerion.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar isn’t just a game – it’s an ongoing story of truly epic proportions. With the Lumineth Realm-lords arriving soon, and plenty of aelf-y goodness in store for the future, we’re checking in with the aelven pantheon…

Who Are They?

In Warhammer Age of Sigmar, gods still stride the realms. These beings of divine power are profoundly linked to the Winds of Magic, but were in many cases once mortals from the world-that-was, mixing vast prowess with foibles not quite unlearned from their previous lives. We know of five gods of the Mortal Realm who were once aelves – and each of them has big plans…


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Malerion remains a being of profound mystery – as befits the lord of Ulgu, a realm of lies, deception, and hidden half-truths. We know that Malerion was instrumental in capturing Slaanesh, and that he has built some kind of empire in the Realm of Shadow. However, relationships between Malerion and his kin seem strained, with Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords telling of strange shadow daemons in the employ of this god falling upon emissaries to his realm…


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Alarielle has been an essential figure in the rebuilding of the Mortal Realms, a loyal if vengeful member of Sigmar’s pantheon who has fought with the Storm God since the Realmgate Wars. Despite having seemingly forsaken the aelves – instead focusing on her arboreal children, the Sylvaneth – she has worked hard to forge strong alliances with the Cities of Sigmar, most notably interceding during the Time of Tribulations to prevent an all-out war between the industrial Greywater Fastness and the furious Sylvaneth dwelling in Ghoul Mere. 


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Teclis has been very important in the Mortal Realms as of late, working tirelessly to reconquer Hysh with the Lumineth Realm-lords. He’s been seen taking to battle directly alongside his warriors, but tensions remain with the wider pantheon of Order. After all, Teclis once sought to destroy the now-flourishing Idoneth Deepkin, while Sigmar’s subversion of the Enlightenment Engines to create the Penumbral Engines has created a rift between the two gods…


Tyrion, like Teclis, was instrumental in the rise of the Lumineth Realm-lords. We’re yet to see this masterful warrior – we assume he’s crusading somewhere else. Let’s hope he doesn’t run into any ancient, evil swords…*


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Last, but not least, we have Morathi – the most underestimated of the aelven gods. Having anointed herself the High Oracle of Khaine, Morathi has cunningly given herself the power and influence of a god, without the title. With the Stormvaults open, and the Lumineth resurgent, just what is the High Oracle of Khaine up to? And what are her agents doing in the Eightpoints?

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We’ll have to wait and see to find out – but, perhaps, not for long. 

Hungry to collect some aelves? The Lumineth Realm-lords will be arriving in September, and in the meantime, the Idoneth Deepkin and Daughters of Khaine are available right now.

* For those unfamiliar with the world-that-was, aelfkind was once haunted by a terrifying artefact known as the Sword of Khaine. Also known as the Widowmaker or Godslayer, this weapon was considered even more dangerous than Ghal Maraz, possessed of a sinister influence and dark history. During the End Times, Tyrion succumbed to the temptations of the blade and was almost consumed – it has, thankfully, not been seen since. 

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