Warhammer 40,000 Preview: New Models Revealed!

Wow, some of these new models are absolutely amazing! Thanks to the Warhammer-community team for sharing.

More models have been revealed! You thought we’d unveiled all of the new models for both the Space Marines and Necrons? Not by a long shot! 

Let’s start with the one everyone’s been waiting for…

The Silent King

The errant leader of the Necron empire has returned! 

This absolutely stunning diorama-like model captures the iron-willed authority, grandeur and power befitting such an important hero. 


Every Necron collector will want Szarekh, the last of the Silent Kings, to lead their deathless legions to battle. You won’t have much longer to wait.

Primaris Techmarine

Your prayers to the Omnissiah have been answered! One of the most requested units for Space Marines, the Primaris Techmarine is on his way to repair your tanks and tear your foes limb from limb! 

With the steadily growing crop of new wargear coming from Belisarius Cawl’s brilliant mind, Techmarines required a bit of extra training. Now, they’ve passed their final exams and they’re ready to join their brothers in arms. 


Primaris Chaplain on Bike

You know what would go great with those Outriders? A Chaplain that can keep up with them and be heard over the roar of the engines. 

With all the fiery zeal of their foot-slogging counterparts, these warriors exhort nearby battle-brothers to heightened acts of valour and martial prowess. And they look great doing it. 

Lest you think this is the last of the new models, we’ll leave you with this taste of things to come… 

This techno-monstrosity is a shard from the most formidable of the already cosmically powerful C’tan, the Void Dragon. We’ll be learning more about what it can do with all of that green lightning in the near future, so stay tuned. 

These beauties will follow in the wake of the new edition, so make sure your order yourself a copy of Indomitus next week. This boxed set is available while stocks last, so mark your calendar to be sure you don’t miss out.

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