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The Warhammer-community team brings us some information on the Inquisition in the new Psychic Awakening book!

The Psychic Awakening saga reaches its epic conclusion with Pariah, the ninth book in the series. Along with background on the battles between the Imperium and the Necrons in the Pariah Nexus, it features updated rules for fielding the Inquisition in Warhammer 40,000.

Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus

Kyria Draxus is a new HQ option for an Inquisition army. As an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, she specialises in hunting and eradicating the Necron threat. While Draxus is pragmatic, she’s also considered a radical by her peers due to her use of alien weaponry and the fact that she is accompanied by a familiar, Shang, from the xenospecies known as Wyvachs.

Let’s see what the new Lord Inquisitor can do on the tabletop.

Of course, good characteristics are nothing without good weapons to go with them. Along with a specially made power fist, Draxus also wields a modified shuriken catapult.

Draxus will easily cut down anything that gets in her way with Dirgesinger. And woe betides any survivors, for they will soon be facing the paralysing effects of her special grenades.

That should ensure that Draxus always gets to strike with her power fist. But what does her mysterious familiar do?

As a psyker, the new Lord Inquisitor is already dangerous, and Shang gives her much more flexibility in terms of how she can cast Smite. Use the strange winged creature to deal mortal wounds to a unit that thinks it is safe from Draxus’ psychic attack.

Draxus is an incredible addition to any Inquisition force, but let’s see what Pariah brings for all Inquisitors.


Depending on which Ordo your Inquisition force belongs to, you can get a bonus against certain enemies. Ordo Malleus are experts at hunting Daemons, Ordo Hereticus gain a bonus against psykers, and Ordo Xenos are the galaxy’s finest alien hunters. But what if you’ve always wanted to play one of the smaller Ordos? Ordo Scriptorum or Ordo Chronos for example.* Well, you can also declare your army to be from an Ordo Minoris and get the following benefit.

This makes your entire force into exceptional Character hunters – that’s what the enemies of the Inquisition get for straying from the Emperor’s light.

Warlord Traits

Pariah gives the Inquisition a range of Warlord Traits that let you personalise the leader of your army. There are options for Ordos Hereticus, Xenos and Malleus, alongside ones that you can give to any Inquisitor, such as Puritan, which will make them even more durable.

This is great on any Inquisitor as they typically have at least a 5+ invulnerable save. With it increased to 4+, they can stay alive even longer to slay the enemies of the Emperor.

Psychic Powers

The Inquisition still have access to the Telethesia discipline. This is a suite of powers known only to the Inquisition that allows them to manipulate and dominate their enemies. There are also specific powers for the three main Ordos. For example, the Daemonhunters can cast a Warding Incantation.

Who doesn’t have a unit that they’d like to see shrug off a third of incoming wounds? The fact that an Inquisitor can cast this on any Imperium Infantry or Biker unit makes them an incredibly flexible choice for any Imperium army.

Relics of the Imperium

The armouries of the Inquisition are filled with myriad artefacts. Some are rare technology while others are mysteriously sourced objects that bear a weighty history. One such item is the Ignis Judicium.

It’s the perfect weapon for the Ordo Hereticus, as there is absolutely nothing better than a barbecued witch.


Pariah also provides the Inquisition with some new Stratagems. Sometimes, you just need an extra psychic power to help to defeat the enemies of the God-Emperor.

Use this when you need the tactical flexibility of an extra power, or when you are facing a psyker-heavy army such as the Thousand Sons so that you have extra chances to shut down their abilities too.

Occasionally, your Inquisitorial agents will have to be a bit sneakier in order to claim victory.

This is the perfect Stratagem to use to get your Inquisitor into place to cast Smite on the enemy unit of your choice, and also to get your Jokaero Weaponsmith into position to gun down your foes.

All Inquisition forces can be added into an Imperium Detachment without other units losing their Detachment abilities. So now is the perfect time to get Draxus to lead your Space Marines/Astra Militarum/Adeptus Mechanicus/Adepta Sororitas (delete as appropriate) army.

Pariah is available to pre-order from Saturday, along with Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus. In the meantime, get yourself Inquisitor Greyfax so that you have someone ready to lead your Inquisition forces into battle.

* The Ordo Scriptorum monitors Imperial records and communications, while the Ordo Chronos deals with time anomalies due to warp travel.

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