Sunday Preview: The Psychic Awakening Finale

G-dubs brings us an update on the last installment of the Psychic Awakening saga!

This weekend, we reach the epic conclusion of the Psychic Awakening saga with the release of Pariah. We also have some fantastic new models on the way that tie in with the finale, and even Black Library are getting in on the act. Let’s take a look at the weekend’s highlights.

Since the Great Rift opened, the galaxy has been engulfed in unnatural phenomena and ferocious warfare, and psychic mutation is rife across the Imperium. Humanity’s response has been the Indomitus Crusade, which now reaches the mysterious Pariah Nexus. It’s a mysterious area of calm in a tumultuous galaxy, and here, the Necrons have begun their own plan to reclaim the galaxy and fend off the storms of growing psychic energy.

Pariah includes the details of Humanity’s horrific battles within the Pariah Nexus, along with new missions to let you recreate the key battles of the war. There are rules for using the Inquisition in Warhammer 40,000 including datasheets, Stratagems, Warlord Traits, the Telethesia psychic discipline, and now it’s easier than ever for them to join Imperium forces. You’ll also get access to new Theatres of War rules. These recreate conflicts from the Psychic Awakening series that let you fight everywhere from perilous jungles to devoured worlds.

Pariah comes in a lavish collector’s edition, featuring a luxury soft-touch cover and four short stories first seen on the Warhammer Community website. The final chapter of the Psychic Awakening saga also comes in a standard hardback and ePub version.

Pariah features datasheets for four heroes and villains of the 41st Millennium. First up is Illuminor Szeras, the genius/maniac (delete as applicable) behind Necron biotransference. Now he stalks the galaxy seeking the secrets of life and new ways to augment Necron technology. He’s been working on his own body since we last saw him – it’s now larger, features some mysterious blackstone, and grants him the ability to manipulate energy at the atomic level.

This stunning model will make a fine centrepiece in any Necron army. Plus, with his special rule that lets him improve Necron Warriors in-game, he’ll fit in really well with the Necron half of the Indomitus boxed set. We’re sure that Illuminor Szeras will be a favourite among painters, and we expect him to feature in a fair few Golden Demon entries in the future!

Facing the malevolent mechanoid is one of the Imperium’s premier Necron hunters, Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus. Considered a heretic by some of her peers due to her use of xenos technologies, she openly wields a modified shuriken catapult! Draxus is accompanied by a strange familiar, Shang, from the mysterious species known as Wyvachs. They possess a deep psychic bond, and it’s said that Draxus can see through the eyes of the winged creature.

Draxus’ model will make a unique addition to any Inquisition army. Although you might need to be careful that your other Inquisitors don’t get jealous of her pet.*

An even more unusual duo are Ephrael Stern and Kyganil. Stern was once a Seraphim from the Order of Our Martyred Lady, apparently slain by the followers of a Slaaneshi Greater Daemon. However, her service to the God-Emperor did not end in death, and since her resurrection, she’s been called both a saint and a heretic. Bound to Stern by the strands of fate is Kyganil, who was once a Harlequin. Now, this pair of outcasts cut a swathe through the galaxy, fighting the forces of Chaos wherever they find them.

Able to join any Imperium army, these two are experts in close combat. With an incredible degree of motion and a range of textures, the models offer a superb painting project too.

Ephrael Stern is also the title character in next week’s deluxe release from Black Library – Ephrael Stern: The Heretic Saint. Has she been forsaken by the God-Emperor? Can she find her way into His graces once more and save Humanity from a menace that threatens to plunge Mankind into an abyss of nothingness?

This mega limited edition contains a hardback copy of The Heretic Saint, a copy of the Daemonifuge graphic novel with alternate cover, a fleur-de-lis wax seal stamp and wax, six dice in a dice bag, an Ephrael Stern enamel pin, cloth bookmark and coin, and three art prints. This is strictly limited edition, so make sure that you get up early on Saturday to get your hands on one.

Alongside this tome is a separate release of a 20th-anniversary edition of the legendary Daemonifuge graphic novel. It sees Stern and the inquisitor Silas Hand place their trust in each other as they embark on a dangerous quest to discover the origins of Stern’s power.

This edition is newly colourised and looks even better than ever.

Finally, we have an Adepta Sororitas audio drama. Sister Adamanthea is a Repentia redeemed, restored to her beloved Sororitas and hailed as a living miracle. But behind closed doors, she is haunted by a sin she believes can never be forgiven.

This was originally released in three parts as part of Black Library Advent 2019 and is now available on compact disc for the first time.

This Week’s Highlights

We’ll be having a peek at some of the new rules inside Pariah, as well as continuing our Faction Focus articles exploring how everyone is going to fare in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. There will also be a look at (or should that be a listen to) the soundtrack to Angels of Death, the forthcoming animated series. We have another exciting week planned on Warhammer TV for you too.

Make sure that you tune in on Twitch! Until then, stay safe, share your hobby online with #WarhammerCommunity and come back on Saturday to pre-order everything you’ve seen here.

* Remember that Wyvachs are for life, not just for the Psychic Awakening.

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