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New Deathguard rules from the Warhammer-community page.

Followers of Mortarion rejoice! We know that Death Guard fans have been patiently waiting for new rules, and Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider delivers in droves – or, more accurately, shambling herds. Take a look at some of the new tricks that the Death Guard will be releasing on an unsuspecting galaxy.

Relics of Decay

The furnaces of the Plague Planet have been busy, and there’s a whole host of new Relics for the Death Guard to choose from. Be as generous as Nurgle and reward one of your Noxious Blightbringers with The Daemon’s Toll.

Your opponents already know how difficult it is to kill your warriors due to them being Disgustingly Resilient. Imagine how much better that will be for you with a 5+ invulnerable save too. Put your Noxious Blightbringer at the heart of your army and watch your forces shrug off incoming fire as they make their inexorable march across the battlefield.


Clearly, the Tallyman has been busy writing down new tactics for the Death Guard to use, as War of the Spider features lots of Stratagems. If you like your Plague Marines to get up close and personal, pay a Command Point to make them into Trench-fighters.

What better way to spread Grandfather Nurgle’s diseases than through stabbing your enemies? Don’t worry if you prefer to kill from afar, there’s a Stratagem that can help with that too.

This is amazing when used on your Foul Blightspawns to make their plague sprayer deadly from even further away.

Plague Companies

The even better news is that each of the seven Plague Companies of the Death Guard has been blessed with rules that reflect the way that they wage war. Each Company gets a unique Warlord Trait, a Putrescent Relic and their own Stratagems. Follow Typhus in the 1st Plague Company, the Harbingers, and spread the blessings of the zombie plague.

Use this to surprise your enemies when you raise your Poxwalkers out of the very ground. Don’t forget to say “Mmmmm, brains!” when you do this.

The 4th Plague Company are called the Wretched and are ruled over by a Daemon known as the Eater of Lives. With this Warlord Trait to bestow to its favourite, you can see how it got that name.

Charge an enemy unit and recharge yourself with their life force.

Alternatively, follow the 5th Plague Company, the Poxmongers, and join their mass Daemon Engine assaults. 

Use this when your opponent thinks that they’ve got your Myphitic Blight-haulers locked down in combat, then Fall Back and unleash hell.

And that’s saying nothing of the 7th Plague Company, Mortarian’s Chosen Sons. However you want to play your Death Guard, you’ll find something in War of the Spider. The next Psychic Awakening book is available to pre-order from Saturday, and we’ll continue looking at the rules for the other factions throughout the week. In the meantime, grab yourself some reinforcements for your Death Guard.

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