The Return of Fabius Bile

G-dubs givs us a preview of Fabius Bile and what he’s been up to!

The latest Psychic Awakening book, War of the Spider, is available to pre-order from this Saturday alongside Fabius Bile, and today we’re taking a look at his stunning reimagined model and rules.

Who Is He?

Fabius Bile’s name has been accursed across the galaxy for 10,000 years. Bile was an Apothecary in the Emperor’s Children Legion when it fell to Chaos and joined Horus in his heresy against the Emperor. Even then, he’d begun his twisted experiments, attempting to improve Space Marines and declaring the Emperor to be short-sighted. 

In the millennia since, he’s made his way across the war-torn Imperium seeking to perfect his so-called New Men. He even spent time with the Haemonculi of Commorragh in order to perfect his genehancing skills. 

War of the Spider sees Fabius being chased by the Death Guard after stealing an ancient device from them. At the same time, he’s being tracked down by agents of the Imperium, but as they all enter the Spider’s web, the hunter may soon become the hunted.

The Model

Fabius’ new model perfectly encapsulates the Clonelord. Clad in a coat made from skin* and armed with the gruesomely poisonous Xyclos Needler, he is definitely among the top mad scientists in the 41st Millennium. He even has an assistant now, in the form of a Surgeon Acolyte, to help with his gruesome experiments.

On the Tabletop

Fabius is also getting some new rules in War of the Spider. 

Looks like he’s had a couple of tweaks since his appearance in Codex: Chaos Space Marines, as have his weapons – the Rod of Torment now gives a Strength boost…

…while Bile can now also make attacks with the evil-looking Chirurgeon strapped to his back.

The mysterious device is even better at keeping Bile alive, and he can now ignore wounds on a 5+.

This means that he can survive longer and keep using his abilities to enhance the warriors in his army. Plus, if he’s accompanied by his assistant, he gets much greater control over the outcome of his experiments.

Remember, Fabius gets to enhance a unit at the end of the Movement phase and rolls on this table.

So that Surgeon Acolyte can come in VERY handy.

Bile can more than hold his own in combat, and his ability to improve the Infantry around him makes him a great addition to any Heretic Astartes force.

And just wait until you see what his Creations of Bile army can do! We’ll be taking a look at them later in the week, but in the meantime, grab a squad of Chaos Space Marines so that you’re ready to start the experiments when he arrives.

* In that coat made from the skins of his enemies, he’s more fabulous than Fabius. Don’t question his fashion sense, or he might make you into part of his summer collection, and no-one wants their skin made into a pair of socks.

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  1. Dakkath June 8, 2020 8:13 pm #

    Fabulous Bill: so heretical even other chaos marines hate him.

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