New Rules for Imperial Knights

Ooooh, new rules for the good guy Knights, too! Thanks, Warhammer-community!

Engine War, the next chapter of the Psychic Awakening saga, adds a wide range of new options for Imperial Knights players. Today, we’re taking a look at some of these rules – so saddle up, you noble Knight, and learn what’s coming your way.


Engine War brings a host of new Stratagems that unlock awesome tactical options for your army. Do the dice gods desert you when you’re rolling for the number of shots with your Armiger autocannons?* Thin Their Ranks is for you then.

Use this when you’re up against a large unit and blow them to smithereens. Of course, you still need to roll to hit. Wouldn’t it be better if you automatically hit? Well, if you don’t mind your Knight Warden getting close, you can unleash its Belligerent Machine Spirit.

Twelve Strength 6, Damage 2 hits is going to ruin a lot of people’s days. If you prefer your Knights to get into combat though, why not reward them for their successes?

Chaos Knights rampaging across the galaxy? Bring them the judgement of the Imperium by using your bonus attacks to lay low even more of the heretical war machines.

Household Traditions

As with their dark, traitorous brethren, the Imperial Knights now also give you the option to create your own knightly household. When you do this, you get to select two abilities and apply them to your force. Do your Knights like to squash hordes as if they were insignificant insects? Then choose Guardians of the Frontier.

Combine this with Stormstriders to ensure that you can always get your Knights into battle quickly.

These two abilities together will give you a fast-moving, aggressive army. Woe betide any who would stand against you!

Choose Your Allegiance

Imperial Knights owe their allegiance to either the Imperium of Man or the Machine Cult, and you can now get a bonus for your army depending on which one you choose to swear yourself to. Throw in your lot with the Omnissiah and make the Sacristan Pledge.

Regaining a wound every turn makes your Knights even more durable. Think about how smug you’ll be when this takes you up into another wound bracket and makes your Knight deadlier too…

Each Allegiance also offers a choice of three new Warlord Traits. If you’ve pledged yourself to the Imperium and like getting up close and personal, then increase the range of your Heroic Intervention.

Not even distance can prevent a Knight from getting involved in combat when it really wants to.

This is just a sample of the new rules that will be available for Imperial Knights in Engine War, which is up for pre-order from Saturday. Make sure that you grab yourself an Imperial Knight so that you’re ready to make the most of these new abilities.

* In many ways that’s your own fault for believing in the dice gods rather than the God-Emperor.

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