New Rules for Chaos Knights

G-dubs brings us some news on the Chaos Knights!

Yesterday we took a look at the new rules for Adeptus Mechanicus contained within the next Psychic Awakening book, Engine War. Today, it’s the turn of the Chaos Knights, so jump in your giant war machine and see what new implements of destruction you’ll be getting.

If your force is from an Iconoclast household, you can now declare your army to be part of House Lucaris, House Herpetrax or House Khymere. Alternatively, if your allegiance is to an Infernal household, you can join House Vertrix or House Khomentis. Each house has its own Household Bond, Warlord Trait, Artefact of Tyranny and Stratagem. 

Pledge yourself to House Herpetrax and gain the Dauntless Household Bond.

Just imagine another two Wounds on your Knight Tyrant!

When you join House Lucaris, you can select the following Warlord Trait.

Equip your Knights Despoiler, Desecrator and Rampager with reaper chainswords and thunderstrike gauntlets and watch them tear their way through the enemy before they even get the chance to strike back. 

Members of House Khymere can employ the Fury of Surtr’s Wake to dish out mortal wounds on your enemy.

March one of your Knights into the heart of enemy lines and cause incredible carnage.

If you love to get up close and personal, put your “x” in the House Vextrix box and take advantage of the Heretek Power Core.

This Artefact is perfect for rushing forward and destroying any enemy unit that gets in your way.

Finally, House Khomentis can send out their War Dogs to encircle their enemies.

Take a full unit of three War Dogs and put them right in your enemy’s face as soon as possible.

Dread Household Bonds

Of course, you may decide that you want to create your own dread household, and Engine War has rules to let you do this. Choose two abilities from the list that really represent how your Knights make war. Do you like to hunt enemy vehicles and monsters up close?

Or do you prefer to slay the enemy from afar?

Of course, you can combine both of these abilities to do maximum damage with your ranged weapons before charging in and finishing off your prey in the name of the Ruinous Powers.

However you choose to play your Chaos Knights, Engine War will offer you new ways of bringing about honour through annihilation. The latest book in the Psychic Awakening saga is available to pre-order from Saturday. In the meantime, grab yourself a Knight Desecrator so that you are ready to claim Ordex-Thaag in the name of the Chaos Gods.

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