Signals from the Frontline #684: Want a Chance to Win Over $5,000 in Prizes?

Reece and Frankie discuss the $5,000 40k giveaway our partners over at the Art of War are running!

Join us for the live show on our Twitch channel by following this link! The show starts at 11am, PST. The podcast and YouTube video-cast air at 9am, PST every Friday.

Show Notes

Date: 5-13-20


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  • Want to have a chance at $5,000+ in 40k prizes?! Jump in to the competition our friends at The Art of War are running! There’s all kinds of awesome stuff to get and all you have to do is fill out your email and take some normal actions online.
  • Enter this code for listening to Signals from the Frontline to get extra chances to win: FLGROCKS

40k Giveaway!

  • The End Times are back! Yay? Well, if you wanted to read the admittedly cool lore of the story, you can do so now for one week only!
  • GW had some fun with the death matches again, this time sub-primarch level and the results are cool and interesting.
  • We’re half way through the release period of the new FLG Mat: Misty Meadow! This cool mat is available for only 1 more week at the release price of 20% off!
  • GW continues to slowly come back to life! We’ve been able to submit several large orders but are still waiting on confirmation of shipment but we’re making progress. Again, thanks so much to everyone that has hung in there with us so far!

Upcoming ITC Events

Alright everybody, so we’re being asked for clarity on guidelines for how to go about approving events as states and countries get back to normal little by little.

Our official stance on this is as follows: The ITC’s goal isn’t to reopen as quickly as possible. The ITC’s goal is to allow people to participate again when the experts clearly indicate it is safe to do so, region by region.

We will issue event tokens to events that can show us their local guidelines and can demonstrate clearly that they are in compliance with them. If there is any ambiguity or question that this is not the case, the token will not be issued. We will err on the side of caution as a rule.

No events will be sanctioned that are being held in non-public spaces for the time being.

To anyone with an event upcoming that is impacted by this, I am genuinely sorry but the health and wellbeing of our attendees is our paramount concern, and the integrity of the ITC as an organization that people can trust is our second priority on the list. Each of our individual events (my own included) will have to take a backseat to those two priorities.

This season, regardless of when it gets back on track, is not going to be a typical season so accepting that, we should all look to make the best of a bad situation. Many of our events will be diminished, cancelled or not score ITC points. It just is what it is for now. Thanks for all of the continued support and understanding. If you have any additional questions please ask.

  • So feel free to reach out about your event and remember: there’s no rush! Our health comes first, and as we can do this again safely, we will start having fun again.

Tactics Corner

Completed Commissions

  • We painted up these awesome commissions for clients! Hit us up for your next miniatures painting commission!

And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!



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