A Regal Return

Ooooh, whatever could this be?

Over time, even the most powerful rulers can become little more than legends, no longer worshipped, no longer feared. But while some may speak of them in hushed whispers to frighten the weak, there are still true believers who await their return. 

Take a quiet moment of reflection to think about what you’ve seen, and then join us on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page to let us know what you think this foretells…

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2 years ago

The Silent King destroyed all command protocols and links to the Necrons as he left to the void as penance for what he did to his people. He is King in name only.

If they don’t change the lore we could see the first major HQ that will have Zero unit buffs/rules, only self buffs/rules. We may soon see the one and only Necron HQ that could be feared in close combat! Which would be unique and set Necrons apart just a bit that their highest HQ does nothing for their army but is a destroyer of gods and men alike.

Of course we know how loose GW likes to play with the lore. Whatever his rules I feel confident that the model will be incredible. 😀

2 years ago

I really hope they don’t characterize him as another two bit villain to be curbstomped by a rookie Ultramarines primaris lieutenant of the week. He was the most important Necron figure known to date. It won’t be a far stretch to say that he was to the Necrons what the God Emperor was to mankind. Seeing him go around the galaxy stamping out chaos incursions and tyranid splinter fleets like an interstellar fire truck, trying to gather up whatever remains of the sanity and culture of his people would be much more interesting than the usual standard “muahahaha I crush skull of puppy servitor” characterization that you get for all the non-human personae these days. Previous lore depicts him as being quite cozy with the Blood Angels, at least as far as the lore would allow. He even seems to have a crush of sorts on Sanguinius (but then again who doesn’t in the setting).

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