See the Light of Eltharion

The Warhammer-community team brings us more info on the Lumineth Realm-lords!

One of the most amazing models in an incredibly impressive new range of Lumineth Realm-lords, the Light of Eltharion is a slice of aelven history, updated for the Mortal Realms in a most unexpected way. Read on to learn what moves him, and why you’re going to want him in your army. 

In addition to being a frankly amazing model, the Light of Eltharion has a long and fascinating history. Known as Eltharion the Grim, he was a champion of the aelvan race long ago in the world-that-was – a consummate duellist and gifted leader in both war and peace. He fell to Arkhan the Black in the End Times, but his essence was never claimed by Nagash, and pieces of it lingered on…

Teclis, through great effort, found and assembled the scattered energy of Eltharion’s spirit. He forged a new suit of armour and a pair of blades that would feel familiar to his old friend – and then he bound Eltharion’s soul to them. Now, this ancient champion fights ferociously in a new form, leading the Lumineth with powerful telepathic commands.

It’s not easy to harm a warrior with no body, and this is represented in games by the Light of Eltharion’s 7 Wounds, 3+ Save profile, and a special rule that makes him pretty tough to take out. This means you can and should confidently send him into combat right away, where he can put his deadly Fangsword and Celennari blade to good use. 

Not only is he a skilled duellist, increasing his damage when he fights enemy Heroes, but his Fangsword makes him even more deadly when he charges into battle!

There are other advantages of Eltharion’s rather unusual form – he can fling searing darts of light from his gauntlets in the shooting phase, and his empty armour allows him to shrug off blows that would slay a mortal warrior outright.

Let’s take a moment to recap – he’s a legendary swordsman, and you’ll want to get the Light of Eltharion into combat as quickly as you can.

Now, it’s not hard to imagine this guy ending up in a great many collections. Not only does this model represent an exciting painting project, he also shines on the tabletop as the leader of your Lumineth Realm-lords army.

You’ll need to get your hands on Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords to learn more about him. Stay tuned for more information on the book and model very soon, and sign up for our email newsletter to make sure you know as soon as he’s available!

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