Additional Armaments for Adeptus Mechanicus

GW brings us news on the upcoming AdMech releases!

Greetings Killbot 00111, we have some excellent news – the Omnissiah has provided! The following new weapons are being made available soon to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Take a look at the deadly new tools.

Sulphur Breath

Is it a horse? Is it a dog? Does it matter when it breathes fire?! We’re not entirely sure what Serberys Sulphurhounds are fed on in order to breath fire, but we recommend keeping that food away from anyone in your cohort that is more than 50% biological.

The Sulphurhounds have a special rule that allows you to shoot Pistol weapons even after you’ve Advanced, increasing the threat range of your baleful breath.* This weapon can be used on top of all of the rider’s weapons, and as a Pistol weapon, you can even shoot it in close combat, making it perfect for burning your way through enemy hordes. 


Fed up with having to choose between weapons that have the retro chic of an heirloom or ones that are incredibly deadly? Well, now you can have both. Not only is it great for slaying the enemies of the Omnissiah, but it’s also handy in case you get caught in any duels to the death.

This weapon is carried by the Alpha in a Serberys Raiders unit, meaning that you’ll have the speed to get into the perfect position to shoot down your enemies.

Flechette Carbine

Sometimes the best way to eliminate a target is through sheer volume of firepower, this is where the flechette carbine comes in. Orks would turn even greener with envy at this much dakka.

The speed of the Pteraxii Skystalkers and the fact that it’s an Assault weapon mean that almost nowhere on the battlefield is safe from the carbine’s hail of fire. 

Phosphor Torch

When you absolutely need to burn out enemies that are hunkered down deep in cover, there’s the phosphor torch. The flames burn through rocks, vegetation, buildings and enemy warriors with equal abandon.

The phosphor torch is a weapon used exclusively by the Pteraxii Sterylizors and is perfect for sterylizing anything that stands in your way. Having a range of 12” is also going to put off any enemy units that are thinking about charging you AND means that you can deliver horrific phosphor death as soon you arrive from reserves.

Pteraxii Talons

Sometimes you just want to claw your target’s eyes out. These lethal talons are so sharp that they can tear through even the toughest of armour, meaning that your enemies always get off on the wrong foot.

So, if anything survives the fusillade of your other weapons, you can crush your enemies in your metal talons.

These weapons and more will be available with the new kits that are going to be released alongside Psychic Awakening: Engine War. In the meantime, now is the perfect time to kick off a new Adeptus Mechanicus army or add to an existing one with the Start Collecting! Skitarii set.

* If your Sulpherhound is actually suffering from halitosis, please make sure that you get an Enginseer to give it a check-up.

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2 years ago

Lucky AdMech to get a whole PA just for them

Srsly when will we hear anything about any other army from that book lol

2 years ago

Waiting for a Bioshock fan to convert one of those flying things into the Songbird.

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