Lumineth Realm-lords: Exploring Hysh

G-dubs brings us some more backstory to the amazing looking new AoS faction: the Lumineth!

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Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about the Realm of Light! Hysh has been something of a mystery since the beginning of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, with some enigmatic art and hints of a long-standing relationship with aelf-kind. Now, we can finally reveal just what’s going on in this seemingly perfect place…

The Basics

Hysh, like all the Mortal Realms, formed from a vast aggregation of magic – in this case, the magic of light. Hysh has formed a kind of sun for the Mortal Realms, its parallel orbit with the Realm of Shadow in the aetheric void creating the cycle of night and day.

As with all Mortal Realms, Hysh and those who live there are associated with certain qualities.  Where a citizen from Aqshy might be hot-headed and passionate, or a fellow hailing from Shyish sombre and morose, individuals from Hysh are sharp thinkers – and often exceptionally arrogant.

While Hysh is often associated with purity and clarity, the knowledge it offers can be maddening to the unprepared mind; those who live there must be cautious not to go insane.

The Ten Paradises

We have a better sense of what Hysh looks like than most of the other Mortal Realms. Hysh is a symmetrical realm, divided into the Ten Paradises. While these were sundered by Chaos in ages past, the Ten Paradises remain beautiful places formed according to seemingly mathematical precision, dotted with stunning vistas of symbolism and symmetry.

The centre of the Hysh is an island known as Xintil. It was here that Teclis awoke during the Age of Myth, and where the majority of the Sigmar-worshipping mortals to inhabit the realm dwell. Xintil is ringed by 8 vast islands, each making up a part of the ancient Lumineth Empire. Four of these – Syar, Iliatha, Ymetrica and Zaitrec are known as the Teclian nations, and primarily base their culture on the teachings of Teclis, while Oultrai, Aurathrai, Helon and Alumnia are heavily militarised states who primarily seek to emulate Tyrion.

Whether Teclian or Tyrionic, each of the Ten Paradises has its own culture and practices. Iliatha, for instance, is a matriarchal society and by far the most populous of the Lumineth Realm-lords’ nations thanks to their mysterious practices of magical cloning, now carefully regulated following calamitous mistakes made in the Age of Myth.

The Realm’s Edge

As with most of the other Mortal Realms, Hysh is more magically stable in the centre, while towards the Realm’s Edge – also known as the Perimeter Inimical – things begin to get weird. Hysh is ringed by a continent known as Haixiah. Lying beyond a sea of liquid light, Haixiah is a freakishly perfect place, where even the fjords are rimmed with precise fractal shapes. Even further towards the edge of the realm lie regions which appear only as pencil sketches, dots of light, or waves of thought.

And that’s just a taste of what lies in store for travellers in Hysh! Want to explore more? Make sure to grab the Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set when it’s released, and let us know what you’re most excited to see on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page.

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