The Road to Thramas – Part 5: The Lion

The Lion is here for you 30k fans and he’s awesome!

This article was originally published on the Warhammer-community site.

We’re sure you saw the reveal of the incredible Lion El’Jonson model at the Warhammer Preview Online on the 28th of March. If not, just take a look. We’ll give you a minute.

What a model, eh? Now you’re wondering about his rules, which will be in The Horus Heresy: Book 9 – Crusade. What does the Lion Sword do? Should you choose the Wolf Blade instead? How will the Lion’s fearsome combat prowess be given life? Most importantly of all, how does he match up against his nemesis, Konrad Curze? Fear not, sons of Caliban, the answers are here. 

The Lion’s profile is broadly in line with his brother Primarchs. 

His Weapon Skill and Initiative stand out, as befits a renowned duellist, and they’re backed up by a pair of rather nifty Special Rules that bolster his abilities considerably.

A potential seven Attacks that’ll never need more than a 4+ to hit sounds great – but which weapon do you want him to be hitting with? He has a choice of two, and it’s not an easy decision as they’re both pretty awesome.

The Lion Sword turns Jonson into an absolute monster whether he’s duelling enemy heroes or carving through vehicles. The Fleshbane and Lance rules, coupled with AP1 and a re-roll to hit (always on at least a 4+, remember!) with Master-crafted mean there’s little that won’t fall before him.

The Wolf Blade relies more on raw, brute power, making the Lion Strength 10. Coupled with Shred, which lets him re-roll failed wound rolls, this makes it a tempting choice. Add in the Fearsome Ruin rule and the Wolf Blade is the perfect choice for scything through entire squads of infantry – and with AP2, even Terminators won’t be safe from the Lion’s wrath.

The rest of the Lion’s equipment bolsters his prowess. The Leonine Panoply gives him a 2+ save and a 4+ invulnerable save, which can be re-rolled once per turn. For shooting, the Fusil Actinaeus is an archaic plasma weapon that can render enemies blind – if they survive its blistering salvo.

Lion El’Jonson also has the usual Primarch rules and can be accompanied by a squad of Deathwing Companions as part of his Lords of War choice, making a unit to fear and respect.

But will the Night Haunter be intimidated? 

That’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself when the Lion hits tabletops – we’re sure there’ll be many recreations of the infamous duel from Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s short story ‘Savage Weapons’. Keep your eyes peeled for more about when you can get the model and for more sneak peeks at Crusade, coming your way soon. In the meantime, head to the Forge World Facebook page and get theoryhammering about how the Lion will fare against his traitorous brothers!

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