Warband Focus: The New Warbands!

The popular Warcry is getting some reinforcements!

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Welcome to a MEGA Warcry faction focus! With loads of your favourite factions getting fighter and ability cards this weekend, we’re taking a look at how they play and which warriors they can use to help you start planning your incursions into the Bloodwind Spoil.

How They Play: Sylvaneth warbands are incredibly aggressive, with even the humble dryad kicking out four Attacks! This makes them great against tough enemies – while you might not cause many normal wounds, you’re more likely than not to score a deadly critical hit or two. Generally, Sylvaneth warbands are pretty squishy, but Kurnoth Hunters have a massive Wounds characteristic of 30 and can be used to hold up particularly dangerous enemies.

How They Play: Sacrosanct Chamber Stormcast Eternals are tough, hit hard and make up for their slow movement with some brilliant ranged options in the form of Castigators. Sequitors make for brilliant all round front-line troops, while Evocators have access to the excellent Summon Celestial Lightning ability, which allows them to blast enemies to bits. 

How They Play: Seraphon forces are really versatile, with a huge pool of units to choose from. How you play is up to you – skinks are fast, cost a mere handful of points and offer some nifty shooting attacks, while saurus are a bit slower but make for reliable, tough frontline combatants. For truly elite warbands, you’ve got Saurus Knights and Terradon Riders. Both are blisteringly fast, boast solid durability and have some cracking attacking characteristics to boot. 

How They Play: Rotbringers warbands are, as you’d expect, really tough and really slow. With the standard Putrid Blightking having 25 Wounds, it’ll take your opponent a LOT to chew through your units, particularly with abilities that heal damage or improve your warband’s Toughness. Pusgoyle Blightlords, who have the Fly runemark, are great on denser boards thanks to their ability to ignore intervening scenery when they move!

How They Play: Where the Rotbringers are elite, the daemons of Nurgle are a swarm warband, capable of overwhelming enemies with hordes of Plaguebearers. A number of defensive abilities let you restore damage done to your fighters or reduce enemy Attacks, meaning that while you might not deal that much damage at first, over time you’ll wear your enemy away in a battle of attrition. In short, just as you’d expect from the followers of Nurgle!

How They Play: Generally speaking, Slaanesh forces are incredibly fast, with Seekers, Hellstriders and Fiends all capable of covering a ridiculous amount of ground. Every fighter has a great number of Attacks, so you’ll be inflicting reliable damage. Even against tougher enemies, you’ll have a pretty decent shot of getting a critical hit or two every time you fight. What’s more, you’ve got not one, but TWO abilities that can prevent enemy fighters from moving or disengaging, allowing you to subject them to even more agony.

How They Play: Daemons of Khorne are really fast and really choppy. Bloodletters – your most ‘standard’ fighter – have excellent potential damage output, while bigger options like Flesh Hounds and Bloodcrushers have excellent Strength, too! They’re not complicated, but they get the job done – particularly when you throw in a bevy of abilities that boost your Attacks or deal direct damage. 

How They Play: The Khorne Bloodbound trade the speed of their daemonic pals for extra durability, with many of their fighters boasting a good number of Wounds and solid Toughness. Whether you’re bogging your enemy down in Bloodreavers or using more elite options like Wrathmongers, every warband will want to take a Khorgorath – an absurdly deadly fighter capable of dealing up to 24 Damage in a single set of attacks. 

Make sure to pre-order your new Warcry Warband Cards this weekend – and remember to grab the Tome of Champions to get the appropriate Campaign Quests and background tables.

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