New Reveals from Nuremberg

The Nuremberg Toy Fair is a massive event and we’re excited to be here with some amazing new models to reveal…

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Let’s jump right in with some tiny airplanes.

Skies of Fire and the Taros Air War

The second boxed set for Aeronautica Imperialis is prepping for takeoff, and now we can finally show you the new models for the Imperial Navy – including the Astra Militarum – and the T’au Empire Air Caste!

The Skies of Fire box will include everything you need to play and all the Imperial aircraft included can be combined with your existing Imperial Navy fleet! If you think the weaponry of the T’au Empire is deadly on the ground, just wait until you see the aircraft of the Air Caste! Here’s a hint – almost all of them pack railguns and missile pods with unlimited ammo!

Alongside Skies of Fire, there will also be a new campaign book detailing the war to retake the world of Taros from the T’au Empire.

You’ll learn all about the history of this conflict with a detailed breakdown of the Air Caste’s aircraft and tactics, alongside rules to recreate key battles, including dangerous new missions that take place mere metres above the ground.

Go-liath or Go Home

Necromunda has seen a flood of new releases, and it would seem the sewer sluice gates are wide open with more on the way! With action heating up across the underhive, it’s time for some of Necromunda’s core gangs to step up their game with some reinforcements, and the Goliaths seem to have pushed their way to the front of the line…

Goliath gangers respect physical strength above all else, and sometimes that results in an obsession with growth and combat chems. Such is the case with the massive Stimmers – over-muscled brutes wielding massive weapons as though they’re mere playthings.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are Forge-born – prospects trying to prove their worth to the gang by undertaking the most dangerous missions. Holding underslung weapons with two hands and sporting a lean-and-mean look, these awesome models are sure to find a place amongst your Goliaths. 

The House of Chains is a crucial expansion for all Goliath players, digging deep to explore their might-makes-right culture and offering new options for every level of play.

The House of Chains is a huge update for Goliath gangs, including house alliances, unique scenarios, themed terrain features, and even Slave Ogryn gangs. We’ll have more news from the underhive soon.

And You Thought 2019 Was a Good Year for Adeptus Titanicus…

Whether you already enjoy stomping your god-machines around the tabletop, or you’re just thinking about getting into it, you’re going to want the new boxed set for Adeptus Titanicus. 

It includes everything you need to start playing – a full rulebook, dice, accessories, and a substantial force composed of two Reavers, two Warhounds and two Cerastus Knights. It’s simple to split the box with a friend and start out with balanced forces, and none of these models overlap with the contents of the Grand Master Edition, so existing players can easily expand their Maniples while trying out additional Knights and Titans. Speaking of new Titans… 

The Warbringer Nemesis Titan is a completely new class that punches way above its weight, armed with a truly massive back-mounted quake cannon so large it distorts the proportions of the entire upper torso.

Equipped by default with an arm-mounted volcano cannon and laser blaster, these secondary weapons are interchangeable with those of Reaver Titans for maximum versatility. We’ll let you in on more details soon…

Looking to add a lived-in industrial theme to your tabletop? The Manufactorum Imperialis box is packed full of barrels, cranes, armoured containers – complete with interior detail and doors that can be opened and closed – as well as an assortment of pipelines, generators and silos!

Build a field of industrial bric-a-brac, add them to your Titans as basing material, or mix and match them with other Adeptus Titanicus terrain to create huge facilities.

If you’re looking for a new campaign in which to try out all these new goodies, check out Adeptus Titanicus: Shadow and Iron.

This new supplement details the Crusade of Iron following the Betrayal at Calth, expanding on the background for various Legions. It contains rules for the Psi-Titans of Ordo Sinister, new Knight Houses and maniples, narrative missions and campaigns taking place across an entire sub-sector or solar system. There’s a lot of content packed into this book – we’ll take a deeper look closer to its release.

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