LVO 2020 Day 3

Tony here back with your day 3 roundups!

Sean Nayden wins first turn and puts early pressure on Jeff Poole’s Orks. He moves his spears in, kills Jeffs SAG Mek and tags as much as possible. The turns run long with the game ending on turn 4 in Nayden’s favor 22-16.

Brad Chester and Boris Michev go all out from turn one in this marine on marine slugfest. Boris keeps the lead throughout most of the game until Brad can take out key threats while keeping a unit of assault centurions alive well into the final turns. Brad claims victory at 30-19.

John Lennon and Steve Pampreen jockey for position well into turn three. Pampreen seems reticent to commit his forces finally going for Lennon’s leviathan. He takes out the dreadnought but burns most of his own resources to do so. John is able to absorb the punch and come back swinging winning the game 26-14.

Justin Lois commits his forces early into Richard Siegler’s Iron Hands, trying to take out Richard’s intercessors in waves with BA Smash Captains, Mephiston, and finally Sanguinary Guard. Richard’s patience wins the day while he ties up Lois’ army with troops he uses his dreadnoughts to destroy Justin’s long range capabilities. Two of Justin’s disintegrators explode on his own forces sealing victory for Richard 34-14.

Having learned from Steven Pampreen, Brad Chester commits his centurions early into John Lennon’s intecessors. Nailing a first turn charge and fighting twice he kills 24 of John’s troops which begins the attrition war as Brad needs them gone so he can go to work on the dreadnoughts. John is seemingly able to hold him off through the turns but fails getting a kill in the last round losing to Brad 22-23.

Sean Nayden and Richard Siegler play a patient game of cat and mouse until turn 3 when Richard rushes the mid board with his intercessors. Sean commits his shining spears in an attempt to wrest back board control but doesn’t inflict the damage he needs. Richard is able to remove the spears and maintain his forces well into the late game, winning 19-13.

For more details check out the Warhammer TV stream or head on over to 40K Stats Centre The Ocho!


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