LVO 2020 Day 2 Round Recap

Back in the saddle for Day 2! Tony Pierce aka Panda Pants here to give you your round by round recaps.

Round 4

Sean Nayden beats Aaron Aleong 25-20.

Richard Siegler takes down Ray Ahumada 32-18.

John Lennon triumphs over Treynor Wolfe 37-17.

Mani Cheema continues his path to victory beating Eric H 37-14.

Elliot Levy takes down Brian Pullen 31-20; ending the final undefeated Tau.

Eulis Sanders beats Philip Junghans 36-14 becoming the sole Necron player to go 4-0!

Round 5

Mani Cheema goes first again and makes short work of James Mckenzie’s Chaos 40-23.

Matt Schuchman’s eldar shining spears take advantage of a mis-deployment of Tim Pinney’s IH putting him in good postition to charge several characters.

Eulis Sanders’ Necrons are able to hold a commanding lead over Adam Baker’s Renegade Knights on Warhammer TV stream finishing 34-17; the only Necron to go 5-0!

Kyle Thomsen’s Raven Guard successors are able to overwhelm Anthony Birdsong’s Orks in an absolute slugfest of a match, finishing 36-30.

Jeff Poole from team #REKT beats Ryan Lynn 22-21 becoming the only Ork to go 5-0!

Rock Liberty fights his way through the field to become the only Forces of the Hive Mind to go 5-0.

Both Nick Rose and Steve Pampreen win their 5th games to advance.

Alexander Fennell, Stephen “Juice” Fore, John Lennon, Sean Nayden, TJ Lanigan, & Richard Siegler all advance onto game 6.

Round 6

Sean Nayden beats Kyle Thomsen 36-20

Richards Siegler and Martin win their respective games to advance.

Jeff Poole of #REKT beats Juice 28-22!

Boris Mischev beats out Nick Rose 34-15.

Brad Chester ends the dream for Eulis Sanders 35-24.

Fennell, Pampreen, Petford, Schuchman and Lanigan all advance.

In one of the best games of the weekend we were lucky enough to have caught on John Lennon beats out Mani Cheema 27-23.

Allow me to set the stage: Its Hammer and Anvil; Cheema wins first turn. To see the magic of Lennon pulling out that miraculous win; tune in to twitch 😉 !


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